An interesting project and already much discussed in the forums and also in videos.
Although it appears complex,it is a simple idea and fun very purpose.

Mounting material:

- 27 LEDs matte
- Microprocessor ATmega8
- Electrolytic capacitor 47UF 16V
- Veroboard
- Small wood board at the minimum 10x10cm
- 50 cm wire tinned

(excuse me, I'm portuguese and my english is not very famous :p)   

Step 1: Theory of Operation of the Array of LEDs

The array of LEDs is comprised of 3x9, where three levels are horizontal, and 9 are the vertical rows.
Each LED is turned on a level with a common cathode and each vertical line is connected with a common anode.
So if we want to illuminate a particular LED, just put the level of the 0V line and gave a positive voltage.

To be able to generate an effect of several LEDs on, they have to be powered by multiplexing, a relatively high speed does not seem to be blinking and have a softer light.

As the ATmega8 supports connection of LEDs directly to its pins with a good current, there is no need to put limitation resistors or  transistors driver.

<p>I woud like to have the hex file for 3x3x3 cube led with atmega8.How much does it cost?What is the method of payment for the acquisition of the hex file?</p><p> Thank you!</p>
<p>sorry the delay..</p><p>you can buy the atmega with the code here:</p><p>http://www.g7electronica.net/pt/firmwares/113-atmega8-firmware-cubo-de-leds-3x3x3.html</p>
<p>thank you for your share. i will try to make led cube based you shared.<br><br>matur suwun kang mas.</p>
<p>can you give me hex for this only?</p>
<p>Is here any program for ATmega8 like showed here: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/3x3x3-LED-Cube/?ALLSTEPS" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/3x3x3-LED-Cube/?ALLSTEPS</a></p>
cool, but with more IO ports, this project become awesome, thanks for the tutorial
Very nice.. cool! <br>Great Job. <br>Could you share your code effects with me, please? <br> <br>
Very nice project I loved it <br>.
can u plz send the code fo the program?
this project is very hard. please give another preoject without programming or giving any thing.
Hi! G7Electronica.NET <br>How you programm ground for layers? <br>Thanks!
How large are the holes that you drilled in the board? I know they are LED sized, but how wide is that? I would like to know so my LED's dont slide around in the hole when i am trying to solder them.
I usually make the holes for component leads to 0.8mm in diameter, despite being a Veroboard this assembly, the default is always the same and 0.6mm might be too small.
You should combine this with this: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-3D-Controller/. <br><br>and play O's and X's with 2 color led's!! would be very nice
I spent several weeks making a visual basic program to simulate the effects before sending to the firmware, the code was all done in pure AVR and has 800 lines.
Very nice!!! Well done!!!!! ;-))
Obrigado! ;)
You know i already did an instructable on a 4x4x4 cube already in this contest.<br>not fair...
And I did a 3x3x3 cube with 50 effects... <br>Sorry if you think it is unfair!..Where is your fairplay?!.. ?:/
Good description of the manufacture.<br>I've been watching the video and is amazing, never seen so many effects together in a cube of leds and with so few components<br><br>Good job, 5 stars
At a level where the cathode of the LEDs have to be all together, bend these terminals to connect to an LED near, as there are only 9 LEDs per level, you can not make connections so that it is uniform. In the 1st photo you can see there are 12 horizontal links, not all are the terminals of the LEDs, but wires.
Wow! I really want to make one of these!<br><br>Can you explain what you meant when you said this?<br>&quot;As the terminals of the LEDs are not sufficient to make the 12 connections, you can use one wire tinned in order to be more esthetic final result.&quot;<br>
Very cool project! One of the best Led cube 3x3x3 I've seen out there! <br> <br>Your video is magnificent and the effects are many and beautiful! :)

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