An interesting project and already much discussed in the forums and also in videos.
Although it appears complex,it is a simple idea and fun very purpose.

Mounting material:

- 27 LEDs matte
- Microprocessor ATmega8
- Electrolytic capacitor 47UF 16V
- Veroboard
- Small wood board at the minimum 10x10cm
- 50 cm wire tinned

(excuse me, I'm portuguese and my english is not very famous :p)   

Step 1: Theory of operation of the array of LEDs

The array of LEDs is comprised of 3x9, where three levels are horizontal, and 9 are the vertical rows.
Each LED is turned on a level with a common cathode and each vertical line is connected with a common anode.
So if we want to illuminate a particular LED, just put the level of the 0V line and gave a positive voltage.

To be able to generate an effect of several LEDs on, they have to be powered by multiplexing, a relatively high speed does not seem to be blinking and have a softer light.

As the ATmega8 supports connection of LEDs directly to its pins with a good current, there is no need to put limitation resistors or  transistors driver.

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