L.E.D. Easter Eggs





Introduction: L.E.D. Easter Eggs

I saw this in Popular Mechanics magazine and thought it looked fun...It is inexpensive and very easy to do.  It is safe and my son (he's 11) thought it was very cool.  Best of all, there was nothing to clean up (no typical egg dye) and we have the makings for scrambled eggs in the morning.

  • 6 L.E.D. lights (various colors from Radio Shack)
  • 6 2032 flat batteries
  • 6 Eggs
  • Electrical Tape
  • Nail

Make a hole in each egg large enough to fit the battery in.

Remove the egg white and yolk through the hole and wash the inside out with water.  Set aside to dry.  

Place the longer side lead of the L.E.D. bulb on the positive side of the battery and the shorter lead on the negative side.  

Place a small piece of electrical tape around battery and the leads to hold in place.

After the egg has been cleaned and dried, place the battery and bulb inside the egg and step back to enjoy your glow eggs!

Have fun!



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    Seems expensive. I know that I bought a bag of random leds from radio shack for about $2 that had around 30 random leds. Of corse they were cheap leds that operate specifically at 2.7 volts. anything lower and they barely light. Anything higher and they burn out almost instantly.

    I bought leds from Radio Shack as well

    My Radio Shack was out of those (luckily) as I did not notice that they were that specific power wise. The ones I purchased were two to a pack (same color) and I just grabbed one of each color. I also grabbed a UV one by mistake so that shows you how much attention I was paying. My son and nephew were looking at the toys so I had one eye on them.

    too late for this year; consider adding a cheap switch and using a section of pvc as a "holder", the battery and/or switch could then be under the egg. Just expanding the ideas from this page...
    they could last for years.
    This is a project I'll have to remember for my now 3.5 yr old grandson. He'd get a kick out of the lights and the project.

    I actually have a nice idea for this. Perhaps wiring in a touch-button kind of thing? I'm not entirely sure how we'd get inside of the egg, but my cousin has precision tools, and my school has laser equipment, so I'm going to try adding mini-touch buttons.

    That would be very cool - please post and let me know how it goes. You might be able to hide the touch button in the basket if it will not fit in the egg.

    That is an excellent idea! I am trying to do something for my sister for Easter, and I suppose a little basket would be a great idea. I was planning out how I would do this, and someone suggested using plastic eggs you would find in stores. I thought the plastic would be too thick, though.

    Anyone in the UK know where to buy white eggs? White hen's eggs now, not duck eggs or those strange light greeny blue ones you can get in Waitrose. This will probably work much better with white shells.

    [Note for the curious and overseas: eggs here were usually white here when I was tiny, but a few were brown. People somehow a myth grew up that brown ones were healthier. This was around the time that brown, wholemeal and unbleached bread and other products started being promoted as healthier so possibly it is a weird side effect of that. Now you can't get white ones.]

    Sorry about your egg situation. I would thing that if the eggs you have are light in color, they should still work (if you can't locate the white ones) - you might just get different colors than expected, like if you had a light blue one and you put in a yellow L.E.D. you would get a green one when you lit it - could be fun to mix and match.


    Hmmm... I think i can make a lamp out of this... thanks!