How to get the cute geeks to talk to you at this year's holiday party?
A groovalicious eTextile blinky-blink party tutu!

SImple, fast, fun and effective eTextile project for just about anyone.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

TuTu - ready made or make one yourself
Aniomagic button schemer
Aniomagic lightboards - I ordered 3 sets of 5 light boards in Red, Green and White
Conductive thread - I used 4 ply stainless with 14 ohm resistance
3V battery
alligator clips

WHOA! thats hot for any holiday!
&nbsp;You look&nbsp;absolutely&nbsp;great!!!<br />
FUN and Funky! Love it<br />
This is sweet - I&nbsp;did a similar project, but instead of leds, I&nbsp;used a solar powered string of lights. I&nbsp;was so glad not to need batteries. But then again, leds last a long time, anyway.<br />
Damn, i would even wear that ( yes, I am a Guy, but its just awesome! )<br />
Waiting for the pics!!<br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> seriously - you can place these electronic parts in any piece of clothing, toy, hat whatever.&nbsp; They are small, simple and most of all fun!&nbsp; Give it a go, all the geeky girls will talk to you!&nbsp; ;)<br />
I love these ideas they really do make me want to make some myself but more for my wife then for me.<br /> Awesome and super cute you've got great legs they really set off rara skirts<br />
Thanks!<br /> Happy that I can inspire you.<br />
Thanks for the comments!<br /> <br /> This project is so fun and simple its a great way to introduce kids to wearable electronics and basic programing.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Have fun with it and enjoy sharing the light.<br /> <br /> pppv<br />
Love, love, love this; it's super cute!
wow what a great idea i love it!&nbsp;:D<br />

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