Light plays an important role in sleep. Bright lights keep us awake and dim lights help us get to sleep. One of the best tricks for getting to sleep is to start turning off lights before you actually go to bed. By gradually reducing the amount of light, it helps you to more gently and easily fall asleep.

But unfortunately, most lights aren't dimmable. And it is pretty inconvenient to have to be constantly adjusting the lights. So I designed a simple LED Lamp with a sleep timer that will automatically dim itself over a set amount of time. Here is how to make it.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of this project.

<p>can you please tell me how to make that desk lamp in an easy n simple method</p>
I think that is about as simple as I know how to make it. Sorry.
On the timing, what are the numbers 0.00198 &amp; 0.00702?
Those numbers are the result of a lot of math. The actual formulas are something like this:<br>time = R x C x ln(initial voltage / final voltage)<br><br>It starts at 5 volts. Based on the performance of the transistor there is a set voltage where it switches from all on to dimming and another voltage where it is completely off. <br><br>I was just trying to save everyone a little work and I just reduced the formula.
<p>There's only a few issues you've got to solve.</p><p>When dimming is full, 7805 is shorted by the empty cap, I know it is protected against short circuits, it will clip and can be destroyed on a long term. A small resistor will limit the current and deliver a small timing during lamp on. </p><p>Another issue concerns the on timing which is reverse proportionnal with intensity.</p><p>Anyway, this is a clever design, fully analogic, with a better dimming curve than systems based on pwm.</p>
The capacitor is so small that very little current actually passes into it. So I don't think that it will actually cause any problem.<br><br>I am not sure that I understand your comment about the on timing. Could you elaborate please.
Nice ible! First electronics projects I can actually understand the description!

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