Introduction: LED Strip Synced MUSIC

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Its very interesting and awesome to see lights dancing on music beats....

So lets first check this out...

such that not only LED's dance on music but we too... ;)

Step 1: What You Will Need

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1) 5m LED strip (one or two as you wish)

2) Adapter < 240V input and 12V output> (one piece)

3) Breadboard(one piece) with some wires for connection

4) 3.5mm Y splitter jack i.e with one male and two female points (one piece)

5) One 3.5mm jack (with one wire to ground and one wire to left or right)

6) Diodes IN4007S (2 pieces)

7) 100K ohm resistor (2 pieces) , 1K ohm resistor (1 piece) , 5.1K ohm resisor(1 piece)

8) LM324N Quad opamp (1 piece)

9) TIP31C transistors or TIP41C (1 piece)

Note1: If you have taken 2 or more led strips then you need to connect parallel to the first led strip.

Note2: Take either TIP31C or TIP41C (here TIP 31C is used)

Step 2: Use of Adapter

Picture of Use of Adapter

The Adapter must be correctly rated as discussed before.

Higher output value can burn the circuit.

-ve part of 12V output will go to the ground of the circuit.

+ve part will go to the 4th pin of the LM324N and to the +ve of the 5m LED strip.

Step 3: 3.5mm Y Splitter Jack and 3.5mm Jack

Picture of 3.5mm Y Splitter Jack and 3.5mm Jack

The Y splitter will have one input from the circuit

and one input fromm the speaker. The 3.5mm jack of Y splitter will be placed in the mobile or laptop.

The 3.5mm jack will have open end with one wire for ground and other for left or right connected to the circuit.

It is clearly shown in the following circuit diagram.

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

This free hand circuit diagram shows everything clearly.

Keeping in mind the previous points,

follow the circuit on your breadboard and its done..... (Y)

Step 5: On Completion It Will Look and WORK Like This

Picture of On Completion It Will Look and WORK Like This

Step 6: PCB View

Picture of PCB View

Once completed, you can draw the same circuit on a small PCB so as to fix it permanently.

This pic is one of its view.

It will require some sort of soldering. But this is the last part.

It would be better to focus on a breadboard as a beginner.





sakthi840 (author)2017-11-13

Done! working well! thank you...

SouradipM made it! (author)2017-11-13

I have made the circuit just the way you showed. In the beginning, when I turned ON the 12V VDC, the LEDs would stay OFF and they would turn ON only when music was played. The lights did dance to music.

But now, whenever I turn on the 12V VDC, the leds light up. The LEDs don't even blink when the circuit's audio jack is connected to my phone/PC. What went wrong? Please help!

Thank you.

galvakojis made it! (author)2016-11-13

simple, and fun to build

Amoamo122 (author)galvakojis2017-09-22

Heloo man. My circuit doesn t work. The 2 diodes stop the mass to reach the transistor and i have 0 volts on the led band. What did you do to work?

Debjoy7 (author)galvakojis2017-06-19

hi! i made the circuit as it is shown... but the ic is getting hot very quickly and the light doses not light up... since u made it....can you give me any suggestions?? btw i used tip41c thanks in advance

galvakojis (author)Debjoy72017-06-19

well it seems that short is in you circuit somewhere. Deeply search for it. In the beginning a get the same as you and it took me an hour to find a problem. Good luck!

CooperW (author)2015-11-29

I followed all steps correctly, but the leds do not light up at all and the quad op-amp gets very hot very quickly. And suggestions on what I have done wrong? Thanks heaps in advance!

NguyênD25 (author)CooperW2016-03-07

sorry , I have a question : This project needs code ???? I ask because I don't have pro account in this page . thanks you . If you have pro account that can " download " please send me.

Yusuf BeenH (author)NguyênD252017-06-30

No you didn't need any code

Debjoy7 (author)CooperW2017-06-19

same here... the ic gets hot very quikly and it does not light up... i used tip41c though

SterlingG2 (author)2017-02-16

If you wanted to connect two LED stripes in series instead what would you have to change about the circuit? Since you're using an OP Amp wouldnt the resistance of the load not effect the rest of the circuit?.

AveryP7 (author)2016-12-30

Is there any way to test this with just one led instead of an entire strip? Mine hasn't come in yet but I want to make sure the circuit is working

galvakojis (author)AveryP72016-12-31

you can test it with multimeter, if volts are changing, your'e good

AveryP7 (author)galvakojis2016-12-31

What should the voltage be? I'm getting like 150 mV and I don't think thats enough to light the LEDs

galvakojis (author)AveryP72016-12-31

it is barely nothing, i don't remember :D

mikekousa (author)2016-12-29


Thank you for this awesome project. I made one and worked very well.

But I only have one problem: The SYNCED MUSIC BOARD can't share the 12 V DC power supply with the Audio Board. I wonder why...? Any suggestion on what I have done wrong?

Thanks you in advance!

ssukhwal (author)2016-10-01

How much is output power of this circuit

SarangP5 (author)2016-08-04

could you please send me the correct circuit diagram.

to my mail id

jabujavi (author)2015-01-31

In diagram, you missed the audio entry.

anuragyadavkool (author)jabujavi2015-01-31

No, the 3rd pin of the IC marked with star is the audio entry.... Its written in the diagram. If its not clear then it says that, left or righ wire of the jack goes to that pin of the opamp marked with star and the ground part of the jack goes to the ground of the circuit.

Hi anuragyadavkool . please add friend me on facebook : . I have many many questions to ask you about this project . I must complete it as soon as possible . Thanks you

mihkelm (author)2015-03-23

can i use this with 5v led`s if i use 5v power ?

Grisling (author)2015-01-30

why do use a quad op-amp?

anuragyadavkool (author)Grisling2015-01-31

Op-amps actually amplifies the given input. LM324 is used as a DC amplifier which has 4 low power op-amps. This IC here with the combined opamps actually amplifies the given input frequency(of the music) from the jack connected to the music source.

Grisling (author)anuragyadavkool2015-01-31

I know how an op-am works, that was not my question...why did you use a whole quad op-amp? you can achieve the needed amplification by using a single op-amp with an off-set, so you can use for example half a MCP6242 or something similar.

anuragyadavkool (author)Grisling2015-01-31

If I were to use limited no of leds then it would hav been different case.But here I am playing with 4 no of 5m led strip (as whole a lot of leds).....

So we need to control the brightness and fluctuation of huge no of leds together. This can be done by Quad op-pamp. Moreover each strip requires about 12 volt that can be managed with dis LM324N quad op-apamp IC.

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