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Introduction: LED Watch

at first i am sorry about my language! my language is parsi (persian), and its difficult for me..  What have we learned in school???!!! :-(
some days ago i searching internet for some new things... free energy , cell phone and etc. suddenly, i saw led watch in this site.
and i decided to make it. i got. its not a professional version, but this best and i love this :-)
i make this led watch with one Innovation. what is this? i use relay for this. why? because if you turn on this watch, you can hear TIK TAK TIK TAK for any second. like an old clock.

if someone want this watch, please connect me. i designed this watch by eagle layout editor with 3 Section. you can see this section below.  and i write program for atmega32 with bascome.
private message
email: mahsa_arian_shz@yahoo.ca



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    سلام - جالبه


    شما میتوانید کد و شما تیک و pcb

    مدار را نیز به من بدهید ؟

    با تشکر

    میشه لطفا کنی و کمک کنی همچین چیزی رو درست کنم ؟
    متاسفانه دستورالعمل ساختش رو نزاشتی ...
    واقعا ممنون میشم :-)

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    چه کمکی میخواهید؟