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Introduction: LEGO Coin Sorter

This is a super simple LEGO coin sorter machine.

The Design
I wasn't too thrilled about how the case came out but I was happy with the mechanism part. Many of the LEGO coin sorters I've seen require the whole unit to be tilted which I think looks weird so I wanted to make my coin sorter with a sloped ramp with the rest level. 

I wanted to enclose the mechanism to create a bit of mystery and get people thinking about how the machine might work. I also liked the idea of being able to see the coins drop so I added a couple of extra layers to make the machine taller. 

This machine is made to work with US coins but could probably be very easily modified to work with other coins. 

Making One
The end of the video shows how to make the mechanism, the only important component of this project. Follow the pictures to build the mechanism and leave it open as demonstrated at the end of the video. If you want to get fancy, the other option is to build the mechanism and add your own enclosure around it as I did with the black pieces. 

To view the video on YouTube, click here!



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    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this or not but, the coins will sometimes pass their "exit" and keep going. If the coin isn't put in leaning the right way the pennies and the nickels end up with quarters.

    I made a parts list for this in Lego Digital Designer (Just the bare minimum for the core mechanism, there isn't even the back wall included here) If you want the whole contraption, you have literally everything you need, just grab a basic Lego set and go to town!

    The dimensions of the core mechanism are 24x4 studs.

    The parts list is as follows: (Note that these part numbers are for black (or in the case of the 9m Technic beam and 2 connector pegs, the only color they have available)

    13 1x2 Brick (Lego part number:300426)
    2 1x1 Technic Brick (Lego part number:654126)
    16 1x2 Flat Tile (Lego part number:306926)
    4 1x2 Plate (Lego part number:302326)
    2 1x3 Plate (Lego part number:362326)
    1 1x4 Plate (Lego part number:371026)
    2 1x6 Plate (Lego part number:366626)
    4 4x6 Plate (Lego part number:303226)
    1 Technic 9m Beam (Lego part number:4154767)
    1 Technic 15m Beam (Lego part number:4128603)
    2 Connector Peg (Lego part number:4211807)

    What makes it SORT? It looks like bigger coins run the full ramp and smaller coins are taken off first. How is this done?

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    There is a crossbar that prevents them from falling until they reach the desired spot.

    The opening to the side are only big enough for certain size coins to fall through, smallest to largest.
    The ramp is situated so that coins are forced to lean against the retaining bar above the slots. So as soon as a coin is small enough, it falls into the slot it it leaning against. Since these are ordered smallest to largest, the coins sort in that order.

    I saw this video and realized in the absence of a 'Lego instruction book' that comes with my sons Lego sets, I thought I would do some screen captures to see what the 'steps' are for the build...hopefully these images come through for everyone to see...

    I would love to do this with my grandsons, who live and breathe Legos. However, I am in the same pickle as others on here - no instructions. Disappointing :-(

    We dont need a step-by-step instructable.The concept is shown in the video.
    All You need is a little imagination.
    But You put the coins in one-by-one. May be we should think about a
    multiple-mass-coin-sorter...or something like that :D

    gj anyway

    Thanks for the link but still need step by step instructions on how to build this. Don't see any. Thanks!

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    Great! :)
    Voted, and Blogged:

    An instructables without instructions. Brilliant

    Yes - I really like this one. Clever and simple... got my votes.

    For everyone who can't see the instructions, here's a link:

    I still don't see any instructions...???

    Maybe it's my phone, but is there a video or a step-by-step on how to make this?