Update 12/4/2012 -As pointed out by a fan, there are two pieces accidentally left out of the instructions! When reverse-engineering my model to make the instructions, I forgot to add two 1x2 black (or grey) plates. Please refer to step 2 to see the notations of where to add them. You can use any color plate to use as the missing pieces, so long as they're 1x2; they go underneath the 1x2 Technic brick with two holes on the elbow section of both arms (refer to step 2 to see the notations).

Howdy folks! Baron von Brunk here with the long-anticipated step-by-step tutorial how to create the famous LEGO/Transformers/Game Boy mashup recently made by me. Due to the overwhelming amount of fan suggestions, I've painstakingly reverse-engineered this item and created a series of pictures with every step to make your own clones, based off the parts list!

Within this guide you'll see a master list of parts for both Domaster and Tetrawing, a series of instructions on how to assemble each body section, how to make the weapons, how to transform both robots, obtaining the labels for the Tetris/Nintendo logos, and some encouragement on how to make your own variations with different colors and/or sizes!

I'd like to thank a fella by the name of GW on MOCpages for his support especially, as he's the first one to spread this project across the internet which made it go viral. Check out all of his custom creations and show him plenty of respect! Next I'd like to thank all of you loyal fans -- or Brunkamaniacs -- on the realms of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt -- to whom showed me great appreciation and positive feedback! Fans of video games, LEGO pieces and Transformers can finally unite as one!

-Baron von Brunk

P.S. - I now have this entered on CUUSSOO, so if you're interested in having this potentially mass marketed, be sure to log in and support!

LEGO® and the brick configuration are property of The LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this custom creation.

Step 1: Domaster (Game Boy) Parts List

Here's the link for a complete list of Domaster's parts, with every type, color, and quantity listed. This list is just for the Game Boy itself, and not the Tetris cartridge. This list also includes the weapons (battery blasters). This was generated by Ldraw software, with the parts library provided by www.peeron.com. To obtain parts in bulk order or in custom specific shipments, refer to www.bricklink.com and search the catalog by name, color, type, et cetera.
Sweet this one of the coolest things ever!
<p>And it just HAPPENS that LDD won't let put on the Technic Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket...</p>
Was it the one for the rear shoulders? I think that might be the part I accidentally omitted from the LDraw design.
<p>HELP i don't have any </p>Dark Bluish Gray <br>2Technic Brick 2 x 2 w/ Axlehole, Click Rot. Hinge (V) and Fist<p>or the 90th piece on your part list <a href="http://www.baronvonbrunk.com/LEGO/gameboy/instructions/domaster-complete_files/47431.png" rel="nofollow">http://www.baronvonbrunk.com/LEGO/gameboy/instruct...</a></p><p>and i can't find a good brick-built alternative any suggestions</p>
<p>Yeah, it was added in step 2, picture 23.</p>
This is totally soundwave g1 style with a twist. EPIX!
<p>I'd pay a decent amount for this quality piece.</p>
I know you said it's a tough task to reverse engineer, but would you please consider reverse engineering the Sega Game Gear villain transformer. That is my favorite and I think making Sega the bad guy was a nice touch! Your work is amazing by the way and good job!
ONLY 369 PARTS?!?!?!??
Where on earth do you buy all the bits??? i'd love to make this for my Fiance, it'd blow his mind!!
I get all of my pieces from Bricklink, which is like an online candy store of LEGO: <br> <br>http://www.bricklink.com/ <br> <br>I have to warn you: as brought up by a fan, I've actually made a slight error and accidentally omitted two small pieces from the instructions, which are actually required for the proper transformation (they're two small 1x2 plates).
i really enjoy this and i am trying to make a pokemon red version of tetrawing but i cant find a picture that i can easily use. do you know when i can find one?
I actually recently built a robot Moltres following Tetrawing's model:<br><br>http://vonbrunk.tumblr.com/post/24953530796/moltres<br><br>Send me an e-mail at baronvonbrunk@gmail.com, and I'll send you high-res PDF files of the Pokemon labels!
I'm going to try and make a pokemon red and blue version of this, this is really cool!
Nice Job Mate!<br>Really impressive!
Sweet. Not only is this a cool project in and of itself, but I recently bought a Game Boy with a partially worn off label. Now I have a method to reapply the decal, and I can airbrush a little clear coat over it for staying power.<br><br>Thanks for the tip.
This is pretty sick. Lots of work went into the write-up of the steps.....I can tell. Keep up the great work.
Nice! I'll definitely look into this!

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