LEGO Mario Sprite Mosaics





Introduction: LEGO Mario Sprite Mosaics

LEGO mosaics are fun because they're pretty simple to make and don't always require a lot of pieces. Mario sprites are fun because many fit within the 16x16 bounds of a small LEGO baseplate. In this Instructables I'll show you how to make 4 (or 5, see Step 1) LEGO Mario Sprite Mosaics. 

Step 1: Mushroom

You can use lime green bricks instead of red to make the 1-up mushroom. 

Step 2: Cloud

Step 3: ? Block

Step 4: Star



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    Awesomely cool! Me and my brother(on_rz) made them we didn't have light blue and light green so we just improvised.

    14, 12:12 PM.jpg14, 12:12 PM.jpg14, 12:12 PM.jpg

    That is AMAZING I probably don't have the pieces but I try AMAZING AWSOME

    I love how you made the question mark 3.d:):):):)!!!

    So awesome! I'm going to make these with perler beads.

    I love this! I'm going to decorate my daughters' room with these. (and maybe mine)

    1 reply

    oooooh :) be sure to post pictures if you do!

    I might say that it is sharp and cool looking. You got my vote !

    This is very cool