Picture of LEGO iPod nano Docking Station
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a LEGO docking station for your iPod nano. It's clean, sleek, and best of all, it can fit anywhere because its color and shape are completely customizable.

What You'll Need:
- Some extra lego blocks and plate (studded and non-studded)
- The plastic piece that came with your iPod used for docking
- an iPod nano (or any iPod, really)
- iPod USB cable
- Small zip tie
- Hot glue

- Dremel
- Hot glue gun
- Your hands

Step 1: The Non-LEGO Parts

Picture of The Non-LEGO Parts
This whole project relies on the little plastic thing that came with your iPod. It is normally used to help it dock it in an iHome or other speaker station for an iPod Classic. We'll be modifying it slightly for our cause. First you'll need to get a cutting tool (Dremel) and attach a grinding wheel. Open up the space on the bottom so the iPod side of the USB cable can slide through the space with a little friction. Don't make it too loose or it will be hard to make it stay. Next, hot glue it in the hole so your nano can attach and make an electronic connection. You can do this by keeping your iPod connected to the cable and pushing down to the plastic piece. After the glue dries (ACTUALLY DRY), take a small zip tie and make it hold down the buttons on the sides of the cable connector (this may only be necessary if you are using an older iPod cable). This is necessary so that you can pull your iPod in and out without much effort.
Very nice!
dcghlego3 years ago
i dont have i dock and i aslo have a ipod touch 4gen

Radioactive_Legos (author)  dcghlego3 years ago
It shouldn't matter what device you have as long as it came with the plastic insert. It sounds like your iPod touch maybe didn't come with one (it's hard to understand what you're saying), so you may be out of luck there, but the 4th gen is the same form factor as the 2nd and 3rd, so maybe someone you know has a plastic insert from theirs that you could use...
ninjaaa4 years ago
Simple, easy, and fun -- I've got to try that!
 nice I used it for my ipod nano 3G
diogosodre5 years ago
Very Good Idea!!! Im your fan!!!
mnb6 years ago
toasty876 years ago
This is sweet!! I made one and moded it for the 3G Nano!
i moded it for the iPod touch 2G BURN
toasty876 years ago
snownight7 years ago
awesome dude. i gottta make me one of these. check out my page to find more awesome stuff
This is been done so many times on Instructables, but yours is good too. I might do this for my friend's iPod. Thanks!
Great Instructable, but it has been done a lot.
cry_wolf7 years ago
Very sleek design and doesnt use a million pieces. Good instructable!