Create a warm and cozy lap blanket with foot pockets in just a few easy steps.  Great for keeping warm while on the computer, doing homework, or relaxing on the couch.  My kids call it a "Snuggie for your feet"!

Step 1: Materials

Materials your will need:

1. 4 1/2 yards of fabric- I chose flannel for it's softness
2. 1 twin-size batting- I used low-loft batting because I didn't want it too thick, but you can choose any thickness
3. tape measure
4. scissors
5. matching thread
6. sewing machine
I like this idea- I always end up with cold feet! I guess you could make the turn- up a bit longer to cover the backs of your legs too. <br><br>I'm a bit lazy with sewing so I'm going to look out for an old quilt to use for next winter (nearly summer here):)<br><br>Thanks for the 'ible - Iook forward to your next one!
nice tute... i did this with my hubbies down throw that he uses on the weekend, he LOVES it...

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