Picture of Laser-Cut Buttons
I love to crochet, especially hats. And sometimes I like to put buttons on my hats. I decided to laser-cut some custom buttons for my hats and crocheted goodies. 

Step 1: Design the Buttons

Picture of Design the Buttons
Using Adobe Illustrator, I drew my button design. I decided to have a wren wearing a hat with a pom-pom. The wren has made many appearances in my crocheted works (put a bird on it!) and was even the inspiration for a business logo (www.etsy.com/shop/theswedishwren). The bird logo would be etched into the button. I also decided to do a simple 2-hole button instead of a 4-hole button. 

I designed 3 different button sizes - 1", 0.85" and 0.7" (in diameter). 


So cute!

I need to make some custom buttons!
tessalene (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
It would be fun to make buttons with faces laser-etched on them! Or different designs. So many options :)

Maybe with the button holes as nostrils. ;-D

Thanks for providing settings. Figuring out where to start with the laser seems fraught with danger.

What a great idea! I love their rustic look!