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Introduction: Lego Candy Dispenser

This candy dispenser provides a fun way to get a delicious sweet treat. A simple slider mechanism doles out the goods and the top has an easy-release lid. The Lego Candy Dispenser is a super simple build and doesn't take a bunch of crazy pieces but still results in an impressive way to share your candy with friends. 

The dispenser is made of four main parts:
The steps are labeled accordingly. 

Step 1: The Parts

The Lego Candy Dispenser takes a variety of parts to make but since there's aren't many specialized or rare parts, most people should be able to build it without trouble. While the exact parts and color you use will likely be different than mine, the basic part types you will need are:
-1x1 round plates
-2x3 sloped bricks
-1x2 window thingies

Check out the picture captions for the part names.

If you have any trouble with obtaining the transparent parts, you could always use transparent bricks or only make one level of transparent bricks and close the rest in normal bricks, the candy won't be as visible but you'll still be able to see inside. 

Step 2: Base

Construct an 8x8 base of bricks topped with plates. I used 8 2x4 lime bricks and then topped it with 2x2, 1x2, and 2x4 orange tiles. Whatever parts  you use, aim for strength by covering as many cracks as you can with the plates. 

Step 3: Base

Make 4 stacks of 2 2x4 bricks each. Attach these to the left and right side of the base. 

Step 4: Base

Connect two 2x3 slopes using a 1x4 plate.

Attach four 1x8s to the 1x4 plate. 

Add a 1x4 tile to one end of the base.

Connect the slope/1x8 piece to the base. 

Step 5: Base

Add a layer of bricks on top of the model. I used six pink 2x4s. 

Step 6: Reservoir

Now it's time to prep the transparent pieces. Make stacks of 3 window thingies to make 12 sets total. Stack 19 1x1 plates to make 4 stacks total. 

Step 7: Reservoir

Attach 3 sets of the window thingy stacks to each side of the model. The 4 stacks of 1x1 plates go on the corners. 

Step 8: Reservoir

Attach four 1x6 tiles to connect the sides of windows. The 1x1 tiles will make the lid stick on but the tiles will make it easy to take off. 

Step 9: Lid

Arrange a layer of four 2x8 plates into an 8x8 square. Connect the plates using 2x2 tiles offset by one row of studs. Attach the lid to the top of the model. 

Step 10: Slider

Make the slider by laying out plates as shown. Top with a layer of bricks. Top that with a tiles but be sure to leave 2x2 gaps on the ends. 

Make two towers of 5 studs each. Attach one tower in the middle of one of the 2x2 gaps. 

Step 11: Putting It All Together

Push the slider into the model. The 2x2 opening needs to be closer to the end with the 2x3 sloped ramp. Add the second stack of studs to the other end. 

Fill the candy dispenser with candy and enjoy. 

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34 Discussions

I just made this for my boyfriend for xmas! I'm so excited to give it to him! Thank you!!

i have to many! i have over that much i could make a lot of them! Oh and go to your nearest lego store and go up to the counter and ask

My husband is a Lego League coach and we have bins on bins of misc Legos. Surprisingly there were no clear ones, but I used windows instead to the same effect. Fun project that took about 30 minutes to complete. He'll really get a kick out of eating candy from this.Thanks!

Love it! My son and I put it together. We didn't have the exact Lego pieces, but we improvised and it came out great! It's a great template for other projects!

So cool and functional. Thanks for the video too.


4 years ago

It worked!!!!!!


4 years ago

I'm making it right now I'm so excited

I already tried that, it didn't work.

I tried starbursts, but it didn't work because the waxy paper wrappers stick together if you have them layered.

I'm gonna have to go to my Lego store to get clear bricks because I only have like 2 :p and I would wash the inside bricks because I kinda think its unsanitary. But other than that I love this :) can u make a starburst one???

I can make this

FYI it's costs about £23 on lego pick a brick

Thank you I will make this Tomorrow to limate how many sweets I have!!