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I have a lot of lego, So I decided to make a lamp out of lego.
All you need is:
2 lego platforms
cord from an old table lamp
hot glue gun
fabric (optional) - scissors - straight pins
lamp shade

Step 1:

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First you need two platform pieces. One of them you will need to draw a square in the middle, then cut out using an ezaptoknife.

Step 2:

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Next you start building up the perimeter.
Next you can make a design if you would like. I chose to do a checker design.
Start building the middle section up.

Step 3:

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Continue with your design, but switch up the colours.

Step 4:

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Again, switching the colors.

Step 5:

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This time don't build a perimeter around the design.

Step 6:

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Continue building up the middle and use different colors.
Now , using the lamp cord, feed it through the middle. So you get a rough estimate to how tall you want your lamp to be.
I kept at this until it was about 16 sections.

Step 7:

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Now go ahead and use the second platform and build one layer of lego on the entire bottom except for the middle.
(That way the cord can be hidden and it will keep it from being on a slant.

Step 8:

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So far it should look a little something like this.

Step 9:

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So this time your going to continue doing the same thing, but a different design.
Also as you can see I also brought the sides in a bit for a better fit.
So basically inverse the colors each time.
So continue doing this until you reach about 11 layers.

Step 10:

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It should look like this .

Step 11:

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- Now this part is optional, I decided that I was going to use yellow fabric for the lamp shade , BUT you don't need to put a different fabric on the lamp shade, that's all up to you.
- After I cut the fabric to fit, I used straight pins and pinned the fabric on the lamp shade to see what it would look like.
- Next, you glue the fabric on the lamp shade, only add glue to the perimeter of the fabric so you don't have globs of glue showing through the lamp.

Step 12:

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Finally glue the platform to the bottom of the lamp platform, making sure the cord fits in the empty slot on the platform.

Step 13:

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Last but not least , put the shade on top and plug in your lamp . :)

Step 14:

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Enjoy ! :)


coloured bubbles (author)2012-02-21

yea :P

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