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Introduction: Lego Movie Theater

You put your apple device in where that case is I couldn't cause that's what I'm taking the pic with

Step 1: Pieces

It doesn't have to be matching colors but you will need 36 4x2 bricks 20 2x2 pieces 8 3x2 pieces 1 1x2 and a big 16x8 piece and a apple device and 2 2x8 pieces and 2 2x6 pieces

Step 2: Step by Step

Take the 16x8 piece and put 12 4x2 on and 2 2x8 pieces on

Step 3: Step by Step

Now put 2 4x2 pieces on along with 1 1x6 piece and 6 2x2 pieces and 2 3x2 pieces

Step 4: Step by Step

Now keep adding pieces 6 more high but not on the front part

Step 5: Step by Step

Now put 2 poles of 2x2 pieces 6 blocks high on each side of the movie theater

Step 6: Step by Step

Now make a cover of on the sides 2 2x6 and then the rest are 4x2

Step 7: Step by Step

Now put your iPod in and play a movie



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    Nice job :) I like how you laid out all the pieces so we can see what you used!