In this tutorial, I will show you how to make four different pokéballs, each of which can open while preserving its spherical shape. I only built one base, so technically, it is a modular design. But enough of my rant. Enjoy!

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Pokéball

Step 3: Premier Ball

This is literally just the pokéball, but white. To save time, I won't be redundant. Just follow the last step in white Legos.

Step 4: Heavy Ball

Step 5: Ultra Ball

This one is my personal favorite. Anyways, you can use this model to make any pokéball you want. Hope u njoyed!

Can you, by any chance, make a Master Ball?
I would, if I had enough purple parts!
<p>yeah, purple and pink are kinda hard to come by, unless you have a lot of friends sets, but those aren't the right shade.</p>
<p>This is pretty cool. You should do something for Pokemon GO.</p>
That's really cool
Awesome! really like how you've made it look spherical!
That looks so cool :D Im gonna make this :D

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