Lego Pokeball Variations





Introduction: Lego Pokeball Variations

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make four different pokéballs, each of which can open while preserving its spherical shape. I only built one base, so technically, it is a modular design. But enough of my rant. Enjoy!

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Pokéball

Step 3: Premier Ball

This is literally just the pokéball, but white. To save time, I won't be redundant. Just follow the last step in white Legos.

Step 4: Heavy Ball

Step 5: Ultra Ball

This one is my personal favorite. Anyways, you can use this model to make any pokéball you want. Hope u njoyed!




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    yeah, purple and pink are kinda hard to come by, unless you have a lot of friends sets, but those aren't the right shade.

    This is pretty cool. You should do something for Pokemon GO.

    That's really cool

    Awesome! really like how you've made it look spherical!

    That looks so cool :D Im gonna make this :D