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enzdude10 months ago

Constructicons* My bad :)

enzdude11 months ago

Make the Protectobots and Defensor! I'm also making constructions using M1NDxBEND3R's/your base design.

Transforminglegodude (author) 1 year ago
Guess what? Galvatron!


Are you on Seibertron.com? If you are, you can post your Lego creation pictures in the fan customs and art forums, and get it featured in the next creative roundup!

Here is the latest roundup, and when you scroll down, as you can see, my latest Cyclonus drawing has been featured!



Seibertron.com is a transformers fan site for pretty much anything transformers related.

I like your new profile image! :)

I posted a Lego Rodimus Prime ible the other day, if you have time, please check it out! ;)

Click this area right here, like, right HERE. XD

Hey TLD! Haven't heard from you in a good while! What's up?


Just have a few incomplete projects... might take a while to finish and post...

Looking forward to it!

enzdude1 year ago

Any more instructables?

Thanks for subscribing me.

I just saw this video, and I thought I just had to share it! Love it!


Don't show this to Michael Bay:


1. Sorry for the late reply, since I mainly work on the app.

2. Looks awesome!

3. The movie looks cool, yet I'm less excited for it than I was for the other ones.

4. I have EV3, the original Mindstorms, and assorted Power Functions.

5. Do you think I should post an instructable of my profile pic?