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enzdude1 month ago

Any more instructables?

Thanks for subscribing me.

here is a cool game!

I just saw this video, and I thought I just had to share it! Love it!

Btw, I recently drew this logo with an app called brushes on my iPad, do you think I should use this for my profile pic? (Because the cat pic is a good too.)


Don't show this to Michael Bay:

1. Sorry for the late reply, since I mainly work on the app.

2. Looks awesome!

3. The movie looks cool, yet I'm less excited for it than I was for the other ones.

4. I have EV3, the original Mindstorms, and assorted Power Functions.

5. Do you think I should post an instructable of my profile pic?

Sure! Whatever you want!

Did you check out my new instructable that I wrote yesterday?

yes indeed!

You probably noticed that this instructable is a repaint of my creation down below, did you?

Ok thanks!

Sure! I would love to see an instructable of this!

(Btw, this video is a real truck commercial.)

This is what I have been working on of late, I took the inspiration from the Transformers movies. She's a beauty isn't she!


So, what is your opinion on the new Transformers "Age Of Extinction" toys? Do you buy transformers?