Picture of Lego Portal Gun
Picture 662.jpg
Picture 652.jpg
Picture 640.jpg
This will show you how to make a Portal gun model from the video game Portal, using lego. (no it doesn't work)

It features interchangeable colors, blue and orange. (step 6)

The steps are in the photos.  I have highlighted the pieces you need to add with each step.

Includes optional stand. (step 5)

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Step 1: The Pieces.

Picture of The Pieces.
Picture 648.jpg
Listed in these two pictures are the pieces you'll need to build this.

Step 2: The Barrel.

First is the barrel and the prongs.

Step 3: The Body.

Now the main body of the gun.

Step 4: Attach the barrel to the main body.

Picture of Attach the barrel to the main body.
Picture 634.jpg
Here is how to attach the barrel to the body.

Step 5: The Stand.

Picture of The Stand.
Picture 638.jpg
Picture 639.jpg
Picture 640.jpg
I figured out you could build a stand for it with the extra parts.

Step 6: Interchanging Portal Colors.

Picture of Interchanging Portal Colors.
Picture 654.jpg
Picture 668.jpg
Picture 657.jpg
Picture 656.jpg
 As you know when you shoot a portal the glowing parts change color, here you can change the blue and orange colors.

Step 7: Done!

Now your finished! Enjoy blasting your Lego guys with portals!

Here are some different views of the gun.