Picture of Life Sized Portal Turret
   This instructable is a walk-through of how I made my life-sized Turret from the videogame Portal. It turned into a far more involved project than I expected, so be warned: this project is not for the faint of heart.
   When I made this my company, ThinkGeek, was working with Valve to develop a number of licensed products and toys related to the two Portal videogames, so I was already taking a close look at how to recreate these virtual objects in the real world, just not at such an ambitious scale. I had access to some behind the scenes assets, but they weren't nearly as helpful as you'd think - carefully examining screen-captures is best. The Turret proved to be a special challenge since it's so spindly and transforms in ways that leave no room for internal mechanisms.
   This project took me a good 200 hours in my spare time after work over the course of several months and several hundred dollars worth of materials. The entire model is about 48" tall at the top of the egg, with another 10" of antenna above that. I'd guess that it weighs around 20 pounds, but it's such an odd shape that it's impossible to lift in one piece - the front legs tend to fall out.

I'd like to acknowledge some other builders who inspired me to this huge project:
   - Citizen Snips, who started his Turret around the same time as I did, but managed to finish his in a more reasonable amount of time. His is at a different scale, uses other production methods, and contains more electronics. It is a thing of beauty.
   - Voplin props made an amazing Portal gun and every other project on their page is mind-blowing as well.
   - TJ Coffey - This flickr page shows an amazing working Turret with pop-out wings and airsoft guns. He uses a big CNC mill to make molds.
   - Aphius - This flickr page chronicles a valiant effort to make a full scale Turret with papercraft.

   * All photos were taken by me with an iPhone4 except for the hero shot on the blue background, which was done by the ThinkGeek staff photographer, Chris Hoyer.
flapper5013 years ago
This was a triumph

I`m makin a note here

HUGE Success

Emily Tristan6 months ago

This is awesome

jabernianos3 years ago
do you sell it?
mydian_nightshade (author)  jabernianos3 years ago
Nope, but there area many other versions available: 3" light & sound figure, 14" plush, and 40" full scale inflatable. ThinkGeek.com
There is also a 16" polystone motion activated sound turret here:http://www.amazon.com/Gaming-Heads-Portal-Sentry-Polystone/dp/B008I5KUYK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384044506&sr=8-1&keywords=portal+turret+polystone (one setback, though, it is $300 :( )
I have the full scale inflatable, its awesome
How much $ for a pre made one? PLS
BTW check out this turret! http://www.egmnow.com/digitalnoob/valve-receives-its-own-portal-turret/ IT IS BEAST, I WANT BAD
it looks great
Rue_Ryuzaki2 years ago
this is very impressive but i dont see myself making one...as much as i want too
This is sparta!!, because it is so awesome, can i buy it ?
megaduty3 years ago
Awesome man!!
you should add sound and make it react to people
The Turret that CitizenSnips build has a motion sensor and audio. He has an instructable on here of his turret as well. You should totally check it out. I think its even linked on the right side.
monsterlego3 years ago
I saw this and i nerded all over the floor.

Awesome job!
m93654283 years ago
Ah now that I know how to make the body its time to make the brains.
amason93 years ago
This project screams for Nerf darts and arduino. Now *that* would be fun in a Nerf war - sit one outside your base and watch it mow 'em down... until it runs out of darts. Put an accelerometer and program it to fire darts frantically for 5 seconds when it gets knocked over. I'm sure you could give it the turret soundbites as well.
According to CitizenSnips, who also made a scale Portal turret, Valve told him that the turrets stand 58" tall.
put a sensors 2 yards opposite of the light and hooked it up to a motor, when someone or something passes by the sides open up and it starts firing bb's
Supernewby3 years ago
Sweet! Very awesome build. Thank you for sharing. :)
xiambam3 years ago
Fantastic work sir.
owlart1013 years ago
MattJoeP3 years ago
WANT! Definetly worth featuring!
please PLEASE put BB guns in there!!
Just amazing! You put so much work into it and it really shows :)
Virtuous3 years ago
Really cool and REALLY great instructable! Very descriptive! Makes me want to make one for sure!