These light graffiti cans give the feeling that you're spray painting with light.  Combine these with the free software at http://glowdoodle.com/ or http://mylightpainting.com/ and you've got a virtual 3D graffiti wall.  You can also use these with a long camera exposure in a dark room.

This version is very easy to build and requires few tools.  For building these with real spray paint cans, check out this tutorial:

Step 1: Gather Parts

LED in color of choice
Shampoo Bottle
Any type of Wire (22 Gauge stranded works well, 2 colors preferred)
Battery holder for 2 AAA or AA
Momentary Pushbutton Switch (Normally Open, or N.O. on package)
Masking tape (not shown)

Wirecutters (could get by with only scissors in a pinch)
Soldering iron & Solder (optional, can use tape, but recommended)
Drill and/or hand reamer
Hot glue gun & glue
These work also great with the free software for webcam at www.mylightpainting.com. Thanks for the nice tutorial.<br><br>
Thanks for the link! It looks like the &quot;day mode&quot; and &quot;fade on/off&quot; options will be very useful.

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