This Instructable will show you how to make a simple ugly sweater/poncho featuring a light-up Christmas tree.

A couple days ago my fiancee and I attended an ugly sweater party to celebrate the holidays and the end of the fall semester. We decided to make her an ugly sweater using materials we had sitting around our apartment. What we ended up with was an ugly Christmas poncho featuring a light-up Christmas tree, complete with a star.

You are likely wondering what an ugly Christmas poncho is. Well, we lacked a sweater we wished to sacrifice for the project so we began searching for materials we could use to make one. What we found was an old, cheap tree skirt. For fun my fiancee put the tree skirt over her head, and it actually looked like a poncho, complete with hook-and-loop fasteners in the back to make putting it on quick and easy. So we decided to make an ugly Christmas poncho.

Step 1: Materials

When my fiancee and I made the ugly Christmas poncho in this Instructable we were able to reuse many old items from around our apartment. But, I did a little shopping and you can pick up the supplies needed for this project at any major department store.

Materials and Equipment:

  • A red tree skirt, preferably one with hook-and-loop fasteners to make putting on and taking off the ugly Christmas sweater much easier.
  • Some green garland. I opted for some very ugly shiny garland with large plastic disks.
  • A battery-operated string of blinking, multicolored lights.
  • A star-shaped ornament of some kind.
  • Some silver or gold ribbon or decorative string.
  • Sewing supplies - needle, thread, scissors, etc. 
  • Optional but recommended: a sewing machine.
Wonderfully ugly! :D

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