This is a very simple project that will cause a lighter to either explode or shoot somewhere. All that is required for this project is a cheap plastic 50 cents lighter with an adjustable gas height switch.

Sorry I don't have pictures of me doing this. As you can tell from my other instructables, I don't like to post things that I don't have proof of doing myself, so you'd know that all my things are "Billy tested, mother approved". Its just that being in a dorm now, they are a lot more strict then at home, and they probably would not approve of setting fires in front of the building. Not only that, but the 911 call center for all of NYC is the next building over, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't approve, they don't even allow people on the sidewalk in front of that building. So I guess the best thing that I can give you is my word that Ive done this project many times, its fun, and actually relatively safe compared to the other things I've posted.

Step 1: Prepare the Lighter

Remove the metal cover for the lighter. Underneath it should be the flame adjust switch, it is a plastic ring around a plastic piece screwed into the top of the lighter. Unscrew the plastic valve until you hear gas leaking out of it, without having to hold down the button. Make sure the gas leaking out is just a trickle, otherwise the lighter will loose too much gas for anything to happen. Spark the lighter once, it should ignite the gas leaking from the valve, and instantly drop the lighter on the ground OUTSIDE. After maybe half a minute, the flame from the leaking gas will melt through the plastic on the side of the lighter. The gas from the chamber will then escape out over the flame, ignite, and either cause the lighter to explode or propel it along the ground a few feet.

Step 2: Other More Dangerous Options

If your feeling more daring then waiting the 30 somewhat seconds for the plastic to melt, there is another choice. You need to open the valve a little more then in the last step, so there is a larger amount of gas escaping. There needs to be more gas escaping so the flame does not go out when you throw it at the ground. Ignite it, and throw the lighter away from you onto hard ground. The impact force will crack the plastic (if you threw it hard enough) allowing all the gas to escape at once and igniting it at the same time. The most common problem is having the flame go out while you throw it, the only solution is to throw it with just enough force to crack the plastic, but not so fast that it extinguishes the flame.

The most important thing to keep in mind is throwing it AWAY from you, meaning don't throw it down at your feet. Ideally you should have it hit the ground 15ft away from you, at that distance it would be almost impossible for anything to ricochet back and hit you. If you want to be super extra safe wear goggles while doing this.

If you are feeling really daring, tape one of the small butane refill cartridges (the ones shown in the photo) to the lighter. Ignite the lighter like in the last step, and throw the entire thing at the ground, making sure you throw it hard enough to crack the plastic butane case. It will give off a large flame and a loud whoosh.
I think i may be in love with you ;) <br>
im 15 and lighters are as easy to get as candy... but there actually cheap, just walk in the store and throw one down.
i'm a pyromaniac too!<br /> matches are fun and so is fire =&THORN; =)<br />
Does it mean you're crazy if you fire bomb ant hills for fun?
I Agree :D
I'm a pyro to but I don't waste lighters.
Last time i played with fire i got 3rd degree burns all up my leg.
i need to make a bomb out of things in my house. any body got suggestions. PS: thanks for the lighter bomb, that will be one less dog humping peoples leg.
ANFO: mix ammonium nitrate and alcohol. its really explosive.<br><br><br>Dynamite: Mix nitric acid and glycerin. its gonna become nitroglycerin. Soak paper in that, wrap it up, put it in one of those small plastic water bottles. Poke a hole through the cap, get a string trough it, and set it off. Its fun. :)
Molotov. Take a watch with an alarm and then connect the wires leadung to the beeper to a detonator, instant time bomb. Take a lighter and a can of flammable aeorosol and shoot the aeorosol thru the lighter, not a bomb, but deadly.
Not responisble for property dmg.
your horrible
a petrol bomb jus get a milk bottle fill it to the top with petrol then put a rag in the top put cap on light throw then run but these are illegal because these are real bombs please dont use them ps i have no responsibiblit for what you do after reading this comment
acetone (nail polish remover,pure!)<br/>hair bleach frozen and ice crystals filtered out(hydrogen peroxide,65 percent)<br/>battery acid boiled until white fumes appear<br/>ice bath<br/> first pre-cool all chemicals put em in the freezer for a while.<br/> second, measure out 50 ml acid.<br/> third, measure out 50 ml acetone.<br/> fourth,measure 150 ml peroxide.<br/> ADD THEM TOGETHER <em><strong>DROP BY DROP ONLY!</strong></em> I am not responsible if you get blown up because you didn't do it right. oh, and only do this while the container you're using to mix in is in the ice bath.<br/> next, put them in the fridge for 36 hours. at this point, synthesis is complete.<br/>next, you need to filter the mix to get the crystals.<br/>next, neutralize the acetone peroxide(the explosive) with a saturated solution of baking soda in water by pouring it over the AP. then clean the AP with warm water to get all the baking soda out. then squeeze all the water out and place it in a <em><strong>COOL</strong></em> I repeat <em><strong>COOL</strong></em> place to dry. the finished explosive is <em>very </em>friction and flame sensitive. store it underwater in an open container at all times. be <em><strong>careful!</strong></em> a little goes a <em>long long way.</em><br/>
ive done this.... its like a nitro snap with the power of a shotgun
Diesel and fertilizer
how about taking a can of deodarant spray. 1)make a fuse 2)take the deodarant can and press the button to let some gas out for a while(this is to release a bit of pressure inside the can) 3)SLOWLY PUNCTURE a hole just big enough to insert the fuse.When you punctured a hole some gas will escape.When the fuse is inserted it should stop gas leaking out. 4)now lite the fuse and run to safe distance!Best place would be in a veld on a farm or so. NB!:make sure that the fuse you use is long enough or burns long enough to give you time to run. IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISHAPS OR INJURIES.
fert bomb How to make a fertilizer bomb by Jolly Roger Ingredients: - Newspaper - Fertilizer (the chemical kind, GREEN THUMB or ORCHO) - Cotton - Diesel fuel Make a pouch out of the newspaper and put some fertilizer in it. Then put cotton on top. Soak the cotton with fuel. Then light and run like you have never ran before! This blows up 500 square feet so don't do it in an alley!! -Jolly Roger-
i believe the real way to do this is with a metal pipe and involves batteries...
IlluminatedAntichrist is right.<br/><br/>ANFO is an extremly stable explosive requiring a huge force to set it off.<br/>a standard blasting cap may not work. the jolly roger talks a load of shit sometimes.<br/><br/>also you need less diesel than that <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANFO">ANFO</a><br/>
Dosen't it need a blasting cap?
hears how to make a cool sparkle bomb:- (do this outside ,or throw it out a window like i did) get 2 lighters -take one apart removing the little piece of flint and the spring. -bend the spring to house the flint. -burn the flint till glowing red. -throw!! its not my falt if u make this and do something stuppid
get a cardboard box, about the size of a gamecube, cut flaps off top, make slit in 2 opposite sides, light tiny fire ( maybe just a newspaper and some half chopstick sized sticks) slide flap across, and place 3 or 4 aerosol cans on it and run. BOOM
go with the classic lean to, the molotov cocktail. Get a galss bottle, fill it with something flammable(gasoline, diesel, isopropynol, lighter fluid, whatever) put a rag in it (deep into, not just plugging it up), light the rag and throw it PS: are you planning to use this on a dog, or any other animal? If so, shame on you.. !
like what types of stuff do you have. I mean i could make many deadly things out of things i am 99.999999999999% positive are in you house or do you only want a &quot;bomb&quot; here are things from house hold items<br/>napalm<br/>lighter bomb (duh)<br/>dry ice bomb<br/>(those were all the mildly safer ones)<br/><br/>but be more specific<br/>and it would help to check out these sights:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.textfiles.com/anarchy/">http://www.textfiles.com/anarchy/</a><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=94083&lastnode_id=0">http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=94083&amp;lastnode_id=0</a><br/>and the classic <a rel="nofollow" href="http://unitednuclear.com/">http://unitednuclear.com/</a><br/>
Ah, everything2, what we do without you? That, and Wikipedia. Use the wiki for the chemicals, and use everything2 for finding out how to put said chemicals together to create a bomb. :P
u can actually make bombs out of absolutely anything in the house thats made of wood, plastic, metal or glass..as long as it is in the form of a can, container, tube or cylinder.
you actually dont have to even light it i just throw the lighter really hard and it blows up
seriously? Thats so cool!
I also am a pyromaniac. I had this old lighter, i melted packing peanuts on top of it (its really flammable, you know), and set it on fire. I stood back and watched the show. Its really awesome, actually. The lighter actually flew 2 feet in the air! I got the whole thing on video... heh heh. Don't you love fire?<br>
Damn, I and thought the &quot;Fireball in the hand&quot; was dangerous. Learned early, never quite mastered it though.<br />
if u twist the white ring until just b4 it hisses it makes a bigass flame
i know it is so fub&nbsp;
if you have a broken lighter in need of fixing go to my post to get it fixed <br/><br/>heres the link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/do-you-have-a-broken-lighter/">https://www.instructables.com/community/do-you-have-a-broken-lighter/</a><br/>
hey i didn't even know about this and i am such a pyromaniac that i bought a box of fifty lighters from the store where i work. i only paid 12 bucks. thats awesome! i gonna do this like alot
dude! i'm a total pyromaniac too! If i find out somthing to do with fire, i can't stay away from matches for like a week or 2
you should get a lighter...
Lighters are easier, but I actually think playing with matches is more fun XD
if you dudes have a 10 pump BB gun and strike anywhere matches i got somethin kewl for ya... just stick a strike anywhere match down in the barrel, pump it, then cock it, and have fun... it makes a pop and is really fun, dont do it in doors though
this is just stupid.....
wow. that last picture, the butane refills. apparently nobody has throw one into an open fire.... lol
I made a sparkler bomb I bought 8 cheapo lighter for 3 bucks and put them in it when it lit It started then they all exploded I had caps and noise makers in it too. It was huge sizzle sizzle bang bang bang boom boom bang bang sizzle boom boom boom bang bang bang bang!
the last paragraph --- u can really do the same thing with any household arasol product -- just tape the 'switch' down and light the "product"
fasten a deodoranr can on top of a roller-skate along its length. Pull out the cap on the nozzle to reveal the nozzle. Knock the nozzle in with a hammer or any other object. So far so good, but here starts the danger. Ignite the deo can at the nozzle with a long fuse and from as much distance as u can. The skate will take off immediately and reach upto 100-200 mph and will travel upto 300 metres(all depends upon the size of the can and the pressure in it). BEWARE...THIS IS FUKKKING DANGEROUS....and is DEFINITELY NOT FOR MORONS...but what the hell brothers...greater the risk ...bigger is the reward..and mind you..vice-versa as well. A MUST TRY for budding rocket enthusiasts, as this project can be of great experimental and educational value.
this logically doesn't sound like it will work and the speeds... heavily exagerated
bro I have tested it...prefer cans that are fatter...eg. the Brut canister..make sure the skate is light and well greased and the surface u run it on is a plyable one...I tried it on a road...and I GUARANTEE it will work. Just the pressure of the aerosols gushing out wont do anymore than move the skate slowly, but its upon the ignition when it will really take off...try it bro :)
he has a extremely valid point, if it travels 100-200 mph and can go 300 metres then you would be travelling at least for one hour!!! think about it, and ive done this with stands, straight up and thats the good stuff ;D
MILES is not METRES, dorkus.
well....i advice u give it a try...IF u can and IF u got brains enuff..before commenting......moronococcus ;))
Now I KNOW there's a spellcheck button. PLEASE use it. And I KNOW of a key you can use to make the first letter in a sentence capital. PLEASE use shift. And I KNOW there is just one period (the . key) AND a space after each sentence. PLEASE use them. Properly. And I KNOW that it makes little sense to reply to dorkus with moronococcus when I was replying to someone else. Please take that in mind.

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