Lightsaber for $33 in 33 Minutes





Introduction: Lightsaber for $33 in 33 Minutes

Use this easy step by step instruction on putting the parts together to build your own lightsaber unit. It requires no soldering, gluing or anything other than the following parts and everything is in the plumbing area of Home Depot: Pop-up Basin Drain (1), Drain extension tube with threads and slip nut (1), Slip nut and washer (1), 1 1/4" Disposal gasket (6), 1 1/4" Slip joint washer (6), Faucet hole cover (1).

Step 1: Lightsaber Head - Blade Length Adjustment Ring

Put aside the drain cap, rods and brackets on the Pop-up basin drain. You can use them for other projects, but you don???t need them here. Slide the washer from the slip nut and washer set onto the pop-up basin drain until it is against the ball valve.

Step 2: Butt and Handle

Unscrew the slip nut from the extension tube, remove and put aside the “wing nut” on the faucet hole cover and insert the faucet hole cover into the threaded end of the extension tube. Replace and tighten the slip nut. You may have to put the faucet hole cover into the slip nut first and then fit it onto the extension tube to make it easier.

Step 3: Preparing Head for Connection to Handle

Slide two slip joint washers over pop-up basin drain on the long end.and put them about 1-2 inches apart.

Step 4: Adding the Grip on the Handle

Alternating, slide a disposal gasket over the non-threaded end of the extension tube, then slide a slip joint washer. Repeat this 5 more times. You can very this depending on how much of a grip you want relative to the grooves in the grip. You may need more (more of a black fully covered grip) or less (more chrome showing through if you space them apart.)

Step 5: Connect Handle and Head

This is the hardest part. Slide the pop-up basin drain into the extension tube. You’ll need to feed the slip joint washers into the tube because the fit will be tight. After you get the first one in, press down until the next one is lined up and get that fed in. Be careful to work it so the two tubes aren't crooked to each other. Then get over the thing and push…agin be careful, before you push, to make sure all the rubber is inside the tube or the hilt will be crooked. I found that if I worked the last little bit of the second gasket on the opposite side of that which I worked the last part of the first gasket, it ensured a straight line up of the two tubes. Also, if you are using the plastic pop-up drain, be careful not to break it. I was able to put a fair amount of pressure on it though.

Step 6: Optional Items

Insert something red into the ball value on the pop-up basin drain and replace the nut as a button, just use the nut as the on/off button or remove it altogether.

Instead of the disposal gaskets, you could wrap the hilt with leather or cord to give it a multi-medium kind of feel. Or just leave it plain chrome.

Also, as pictured, if you have a spare hard drive or CD ROM drive lying around, you can take out the spindle hub and use it as the emitter on the business end of the sabre.

Step 7: The Battle

Unknown to me, my kids had some Adegan/Ilum crystals and inserted them into the blade matrix when I wasn't looking. I was able to snap this image before breaking it up. It's all fun and games until someone loses an arm. (please note: the blades in this image are photoshopped. technology hasn't come that far.)

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could you make a list of all the items and where you got them, or at least what they are.

Nothing. I just made a really neat flashlight basically.

can you please explain in detail how you got a light to shine through? because i am thinking of putting a modified flashlight in it, but yours looks so seemless. thanks

I bought an LED flashlight that fit quite nicely into the tubing.

neat!! what did you make those thermogenerator cooling fins out of?

I'm pretty sure you're either talking about the grip or the emitter. The grip is windshield wiper blades cut up; the ring on the emitter is a bearing ring with cylinder bearings that represent electrodes that are used to emit plasma.

so you got hocked on making lightsaber hilts cool! I am making one for my costplay outfit for Star Wars 7 I am starting my project a year, four mouths, and 14 days ahead. Wish me luck

Thanks for this! I found this last year (Halloween 2015) and made my first sink-tube saber. All the parts were from Lowes or Home Depot, except the rubber washers for the grip (more than $1 at HD, but only about $0.05 at a local hardware store!). I bought the plastic sink drain for about $25, and was able to file down the inside of the "button holder" so a standard doorbell button fit inside! I was then able to scavenge the electronics from a cheap lightsaber toy for a bit of sound. :-) Waiting to try and upgrade to better sound from a nicer toy this year, and maybe find some clear PVC or polycarbonate tubing - they don't sell it an any store near me, but I might get lucky!


Love the photoshopped pic. I want to build one so I can do pics like that!!

I epoxy'd the appropriate threading lug nut inside where an emitter would go, shortened the design a little, painted it, and made a pretty sweet shift knob. The plastic ones were definitely cheaper, bit i like the feel and weight of the metal, especially on a shifter.


The next page link is being funky for me too. Try this:

For some reason when I hit next the page won't open. I'm trying to build this. Can someone please help me with instructions? Thank you

I just got one question, can I put a real clear PVC pipe with a LED flashlight on top. If I can how, if I can't what do I cut to fit one in. Thanks for the idea, I really am looking forward for build.

Could anyone out there let me know how they secured there PVC and theee suggestions on installing LED lights or a LED flashlight into the hilt??

1 reply

To secure the PVC (Or Dowel Rods if you want them to hold up better in dueling) there is a YouTube video that explains how to put in a non-electronic blade. (Blade installation starts at 3 min. and 30 sec.) As for making the blade light up, your best bet would probably be a to take a flashlight apart, putting the guts actually INTO the blade, and wiring a button to the outside. Or possibly an LED strip wired to a battery holder. If you use clear pipe, you should sand and steel wool it down to make it translucent so that light will be distrubuted evenly, and also plug the end with a hot glue gun.

Awesome-sauce, made mine as a gift and now I don't want to give it up!

Thanks for the idea. Got mine built for about $20 and some odds and ends found in the garage.

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