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Introduction: Lightsaber Out of Flashlight in 3 Easy Steps

About: My name is Cade Ward. I really enjoy making different weapons and props. Woodworking is definitely my strong side but, I like electronics and metalworking.

This is how you make a lightsaber out of a flashlight in three easy steps. Have Fun with it. May The Force Be With You.

Step 1: The Materials

Ok so what you will need for this build is

A piece of luminescent pipe

Some duct tape

A flashlight

And some origami paper I didn't have any left so I left it out of the pic it can be blue, green, red, purple (etc.)

Step 2: The Origami Paper

Add your Origami paper over the light and tape it down.

Step 3: Duct Tape and Luminescent Pole

So after you have the origami paper on you then take the pole that you have and tape it to the light. After that is completed you are finished. Have Fun. And may the force be with you.



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    nice i iam a star wars freak