Picture of LilyPad Arduino Stuffed Fox Toy

For a class on technology in libraries, I had to create a project that used the LilyPad Arduino, and I chose to create a stuffed animal that sings “Jesus Loves Me” while lights flash with the notes. I made a fox, but the pattern to which I’ll link can be used to make a raccoon as well.

Step 1: Materials


Note: All the items listed above are included in the ProtoSnap LilyPad Development Board

  • Mini-USB cable (the chord for a Canon camera works)

In order to program your LilyPad, you’ll need to install the Arduino IDE software as well as an FTDI driver on your computer.


  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • 1/2 yard dark brown material for body
  • 1/4 yard light brown material for tummy/ears
  • Red felt for heart
  • Black felt for nose
  • White material for snout/tail end
  • 1/4 yard scrap material in whatever color available
  • Dark brown thread, red thread, black thread, white thread
  • Two buttons for eyes
  • Velcro “sticky back” circles
  • Small bag of polyester fibre fill
  • Small bag of polyester quilt batting
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Yash Balaji7 months ago

What does the fox say? Apparently the fox says "Jesus loves me"! Haha, nice work! :D

andrea biffi7 months ago

Well done with your first instructable, the fox is so cute :)