The Line Follower Robot By using L293D IC ..very easy....to make

Step 1: Introduction

It is very easy to make...Just Follow these easy steps...
this was my first project on robotics... this is the best project you can start with..

Step 2: Materials Required

these are the materials mentioned in the image which are easily available in the market at cheapest rate...

you will also need soldering iron and solder to assemble the circuit..

you can take a large PCB and make the body of the robot on it like I did.

you have to use 6 volt geared Motors...

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

to understand the circuit diagram take a look at the materials required image.
I have matched the symbols in both of them.

Step 4: Let's Build It

all the steps are mentioned in the image ..

Step 5: Sources of Errors....

after completing the robot place it on a black line and it will start following it.

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