Picture of Lion Dog Costume
Tucker had always dreamed of being a lion.  He imagined languid days on the Serengeti, punctuated with thrilling hunts, watching the lionesses chase down wild antelope, and then moving in for his share.  When he thought about it enough, he could even feel the hot, dry wind blowing through his luxurious mane.

While Tucker may never be a lion (and we don't need to let him know lions are cats, after all), at least part of his dream could be fulfilled. He could dominate his pack of friends with the most glorious mane of them all.

And this is how Tucker got his mane.  
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Step 1: Get measurements

Picture of Get measurements
Since Tucker (a 3-yr-old Golden Retriever)  lives in NYC and I live in SF, we had to rely on email and texting for all communication.  Fortunately, Tucker's people are very savvy and were able to send me great photos of him getting his measurements taken.  You can tell how much he'd been dreaming of that mane by how very patient and well behaved he was during his measurements. 

From these, I was able to construct a mock Tucker head out of paper and tape. 

Step 2: Making the base

Picture of Making the base
Once I had a suitable Tucker head model based on his measurements, I could go to town figuring out how this thing was going to work.

I draped a soft lycra piece around the head and collar to use as the foundation for the fur.  The collar piece closed on the side with strips of velcro.

Then I was able to play around with the fur until I could get it to look like what I wanted.
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gjulia32692 months ago
Awwwww so cute
Jackiebain5 months ago
Awesome! I have a toy chihuahua I'm going to make this for- will post an update...
Creativeman8 months ago

Just found this scooch, it's great! I don't get notices of new projects of authors I follow???? Did that policy change or is it on my end?

That's ace and the dogs adorable :-) :-p
pandyboohoo9 months ago
Soo funny it made the app example in the app store
rsevacko11 months ago
I'd like to know if you could glue the fur
aimeee11 months ago
This is pure awesome. I must try this for precious puggle Charlie
scoochmaroo (author)  aimeee11 months ago
I can't wait to see it!
RedGuff11 months ago
It's so fun that I want to become a dog, in order to be disguised as a lion!
hi!! I was wondering where you got the faux fur! I'm looking EVERYWHERE and I cant seem to find it. please let me know!
I actually got some of the fur for my dog and the local Goodwill, but Walmart has 'fur' throw pieces that you can use to cut up. Works well, and the author of this is amazing.
lolson111 months ago
Wonderful job, you are amazing!!
hammer987611 months ago
Executed well. Documented well. Absolutely adorable.

Congratulations on being part of the 31 Days of Halloween.

Waiting for you to figure out how to do the lion tail.
bwolfe082611 months ago
How did you sew on the front piece to hide the stitching? Did you use your machine to sew on all strips? I am afraid it would get harder as you get to the top! Did this stay on the dog well? Thank you
beme20131 year ago
That's so adorable!
Haha agh I hate people who are so savvy with sewing and making such cool stuff
Holy sh*t my dogs a lion
martinroca1 year ago
This is hilarious. I mean that in a good way ;) The first picture is too funny.
This is just to AWESOME!!! Wonder if I can make one for my cat (((wink wink)))
stefanya891 year ago
I have a 3.5 year golden retriever too, THE best dogs! This is so cute & hes about the same size, do you make these & would you ship to Australia?? :)))
where can i order one of these from i want one for my dog!
Ur doggie is soooo cute????
scoochmaroo (author)  AndrewryanSears1 year ago
If that's a question, the answer is yes!
breal4ever1 year ago
This is soooo cool :) I have a boxer and would to see him wear this..U my dear have Skillz!
meismeems1 year ago
That is ADORABLE!!
Honus1 year ago
That is so unbelievably perfect! I need to make a black one for my dog Roxy to turn her into a werewolf. :)
Soo want to make this for my dog. What breed/breeds is Tucker? Look a lot like my dog.
He's not my dog, so I could be wrong, but Tucker looks like a golden retriever. The breed varies in color from a light blond (like Tucker's color) to the dark reddish brown color of Shadow in Homeward Bound, and sometimes darker.
That is a LAB plain and simple!
Tucker is actuallymy dog, and 100% golden retriever. He turned 3 in July, and he's a great sport when it comes to this sort of thing.
Ummmm.... No.

That is a GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Plain and simple.

Yep, Lab's have short hair, Retrievers have the long hair. I am thinking of making one of these for my golden lab... dont think she will sit that calm for the measurements though!
This is adorable!
This is so cool!!! Not sure if Tucker really likes it, but I certainly do! And it would perfectly suit Sofia, my mum's golden retriever.... Thanks for sharing :)
ashbegash1 year ago
Adorable! <3
I just spat porridge across the room laughing at the Lion dog picture . . . It is wonderful.
Haha that is so cool!
Very cool idea. Excellent job.
Hliarious! Tucker is the name of my dog too! He is an Akita! I wonder how he would look with this on? So cute!
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