The only thing you can't buy from the shiney new Apple Store is an I-hoodie, an Instructablized version of the hoodie with light up logos of the instructables hand and the Apple Macintosh* logo. This is the Instruct-intosh version hoodie, well, it can be any garment or accessory like a light up Instructables Hand-bag (maybe next time).

I do not have conductive thread nor electroluminescent panels so this is a ghetto version of making light up stuff to bedazzle your clothing.

This was going to be the I-Pear logo from ICarly TV show but that looked like it was from Disney so I picked the lesser of two evils.

By the way, remember me?  I'm the dude with the Adrian monk Disneytopian Blinking Hand of Righteousness (turn-signal glove) www.instructables.com/id/Adrian_Monk_Disneytopian_Blinking_Hand_of_Righteou/.  You can consider this a follow-on project to go with the light up glove or an accessory to accessorize. And them pants were spiffy.

Well, Intructables member Adrian monk grew up to be Lithium Rain.  Any references to Lithium Rain can be addressed to Instructables member Lithium Rain www.instructables.com/member/Lithium+Rain/ herself.  She is the reigning Radiant Beacon of Righteousness, such a royal p...... princess.

* Apple, Macintosh, and the apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Corp.  Steve Jobs and his henchmen/women have the potential to remotely fry my computer so don't disparage the fruit.  To alternative operating systems besides OS X, resistance is futile.  (Okay, I promise this is the last ible I do on a Windows/Linux machine.  Ima gonna finish but why can't Mac window buttons be on the right side where they belong?)

Step 1: Some Stuff and Stuffing...

You need a few things to make the Instruct-intosh hoodie.
If you just want to make a highly visible hoodie without lights, try the robo-hoodie www.instructables.com/id/Robohoodie-Instructables-Robot-Hoodie/ and of course, if your spoiled brat has an American Girl doll, make a robo-hoodie for her too www.instructables.com/id/Robohoodie_for_American_Girl_Dolls/.

List of Stuff:

sacrificial hoodie or other garment you want to mod

logo stencils or patterns
(click on the little i icon on the image to download and use the same graphics below)

light colored marker or tailors chalk to mark material

clear adhesive shelf liner (contact paper)
(flexible vinyl plastic material can be substituted)

sewing machine
(you can do this by hand but it might take some time and detail)

flat polyester fiberfill batting
(it comes in rolls from the craft store, the other lumpy bulk stuff will also work if you flatten it out)

packaging tape or duct tape

LED battery powered light up unit of your own design or bike-safety flasher unit

I want to make it breathe like the light on my iMac in sleep mode. <br> <br>Any way to do so?
You need a microcontroller to do the pulse width modulation fading of LEDs. A 555 ic timer circuit would probably only make it flash slowly and not the fade gradual fade and ramp up effect. Look at adafruit.com for their inexpensive Trinket or Gemma paired with some Neopixels which are quite bright to light up the logo. Good luck.
icarly is on nick not disney and drake and josh also used to use the pear other than that great ible!
Hmmm, I guess Caitlin has gotten pretty fast with channel surfing for me not to notice...<br />
The pear is very generic Apple parody symbol... 
I take it this isn't washable?
The flasher unit just clips off. If you put sew the backing fabric on and don't worry about tape, it should be hand washable so you don't crease up the plastic too much.
I like the fact that the video is short.<br />
&nbsp;Hahaha! The irony! Lithium rain gets a custom Apple iHoodie. She hates apple, but I know she will love this hoodie.<br /> <br /> I think the universe may explode!<br />
Hey, anything beats Windows!
My parents have reverted to Linux, while I sit here with my magical Windows. Getting 1000 &amp; 1 virusses.
&nbsp;I'm running windows 7 and XP (dual boot) on my laptop and have never gotten a virus in almost 2 years. *shrug* I guess it depends where you get your programs and whatnot from.&nbsp;
That's quite a feat! What antivirus software do you use?<br />
I use Panda Cloud AV. But it doesn't even get used much. I suppose I'm just smart with my computer. Everything I want to do, I know of a safe program to use for it, and everything else is pretty much on the web.<br />
&gt;Points and laughs&lt;<br /> <br /> Want some help installing a proper operating system, friend?&nbsp;:D<br />
Haha, nah but thanks. I don't mind Windows so much but I hate it how every one and everything attacks it, but I'm just too used to it now.<br />
<em>Don't get mad, get even.</em><br />
Well... I did create a batch file on a usb stick that coppied the user's C:/ drive silently and quickly. It's based off an Instructable I found a while ago (and can't find again) but with modifications so it actually works.<br />
&nbsp;Amen to that!
bah! fanboys<br />
Do you spend all of your time thinking up neat remarks to use in your projects?
I use the force more for the <em>light </em>side.<br />
Any chance of a vista hoody?<br />
You can try your hand at making one.&nbsp; It should not be too hard to modify so that each of the different colored parts are light blocked and defined with black electrical tape from the back.&nbsp; You can then put the appropriate color LEDs for each section.&nbsp; You would need a ring of LEDs to light up the blue circle background.&nbsp; Good luck.
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! :D After seeing this hoodie I just may buy a Mac to see if &nbsp;it's anywhere near as cool as the ible. :D
&nbsp;If I had known all it would take is to make a glowing apple themed hoodie in your name, I would have done it years ago!
You'd probably have to buy me the actual computer. ;) As I say - in many ways I think Apple has cool things, they just aren't worth the price to me. =]
Very nice.... <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Haha, this is awesome!<br /> <br /> I want an ible... :(<br />
<em>when you can snatch this pebble from my hand...</em>.<br />
Which pebble?&nbsp; You mean THIS&nbsp;one?&nbsp;&nbsp; LOL&nbsp; <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
<em>...then your training will be complete.&nbsp;</em>
Look!&nbsp;It's Kiteman!<br /> *Steals pebble as you turn to look*<br />
Darn... yet me try again...<br /> Darn... yet me try again...<br /> Darn... yet me try again...<br /> Darn... yet me try again...<br /> Darn... yet me try again...<br /> Darn... yet me try again...<br /> Stop moving so fast<br /> ARRRHHHH!!!!!!<br />

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