There are four different parts to this halloween costume:

The dress
The apron
The hat and other accessories
The giant spider

I'll cover each aspect in the four steps that follow.

Step 1: The Dress


2m blue gingham fabric
1 white zip (40cm length)
White thread
Black thread
1 Dress pattern (I used New Look pattern 6867)
1 bag of plastic spiders (I got 72 for £1 at the  pound shop)

Sewing machine
Sewing needle

1.Follow the instructions on your dress pattern to make your dress. (Alternatively, if you're feeling lazy, find a suitable dress from a charity shop.)  During this stage, you'll be using your gingham fabric, your zip, your sewing machine, pins and white thread.

2. Take your plastic spiders and sew randomly onto the dress using the black thread until you're satisfied that there are enough spiders.  I sewed around the body of the spiders four or five times, using doubled-up thread to make sure they were secure.  It's a good idea to work out which bits of the dress you'll be sitting on when you sit down, and avoid sewing the spiders in that area!

Hint: Think about where your apron will be - you don't need to sew any under there.  

3. Try your dress on and dance about in front of the mirror, feeling pleased with yourself. (You can also check that you think you have enough spiders...)

Love it!
yeah, i agree with penolopy. i would just be freaking out the whole time. i cant stand spiders. but i like turantulas.go figure. great costume.
This is just hilarious!!! What a genius idea! I am pretty sure if I wore it, I would constantly be freaking myself out with the spiders :D
I did keep finding them around the house for months afterwards, and kept thinking they were real!
HAHAHA, nice!
This is awesome and hilarious. Seriously great work. :D

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