Step 4: Tongue Sticking Out

For tongue out use :P
<p>Thanks! 8)</p>
I'm looking for praying hands if anyone can help me out. You gave lots of good ones. Thanks :)
if you use 8| it makes a different shades picture
3:) <br>
I have that on step 15<br>
Good job! i always wanted to make the smiley things on facebook.
what about :putnam:<br /> <br />
nvrmind<br /> <br />
you missed just one-&nbsp; O.o
&nbsp;done step 21<br /> <br />
this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;How is this
&nbsp;It goes penguin tongue big smile shark shades
You mean &quot;smilies&quot; or &quot;emoticons&quot;.<br /> <br /> If these short text-strings produce real images, you could grab screen-shots to show here.<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;k ill do that now maybe<br /> <br />

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Bio: I love to build with Knex and I especially love to make things that can be used to injure my brother.
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