Quite some time ago I built a Herbie Junkbot mouse.  I liked the simplicity of the op-amp chip and the relay to determine motor direction.  I was also looking at six-legged robots.  The original lego site with the leg layout has since disappeared.  Here is the closest site I can find now.

The design can also be seen in the six-legged kit addition to the Boe-Bot.  Jameco and others carry the kit.  There's just something about a multi-legged robot that is so cool!

So I decided to combine the Herbie brain with the Boe-Bot six-legged body and throw in feelers.

Step 1: The Chassis

First, I played around with the leg layout.  I made body and leg pieces from cardboard and attached them together with brass brads to test how the legs would work.

When I was happy with the mockup, I cut aluminum side panels from 5052 aluminum.  I think it's 1/8 inch thick.

Then I used pieces of flat brass to make the leg pieces. 

#6 bolts 1 1/2 inches long made the longest pivot points for the legs.  Looking at the top view you can see that I used other lengths of #6 bolts. 

I added lengths of brass tubing over the bolts to hold the body away from the leg joints.  When I got the legs aligned correctly, I used loctite to keep the bolts and nuts from loosening during walking.
<p>Good work</p>
Good job!
Very creative use of the low voltage LM386 from TI! Typically I have seen this type of robot powered by the MSP430 or similar micro. It's very refreshing to see simple logic in place of a full micro-controller. My coworkers and I look forward to seeing some of your other projects. Great work, @techiebot! <br> <br>-Adam Sidelsky, Audio Test Development, Texas Instruments. <br>
simple electronic and Nice Work <br>Thanks :)
Have you seen the NXT 2.0 MANTY Bonus model? It is very similar to your robot! <br>Nice work!
No, I don't think I've seen it. Thanks for the idea.
Sweet little creepie crawlie...

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