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This is a great whistle very similar to many whistles available from places like REI or Eastern Mountain Sports. Its is compact, since rather than using a cork ball, it simply uses air. It is cheap and only requires a bic pen. It also makes a great addition to survival kits, such as the Altoid Survival Kits found on Instructables. (See link.) This is my first instructable, so I decided to start with something simple. Please drop me a comment.

www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-sized-survival-kit/ (by LinuxH4x0r)

(Note: This is a very loud whistle and a knife is used to make it. I am not responsible for any injury caused by using this whistle)

Also: If you know what lockerz is, view my other instructable for an invite. If you don't, please, look at my other instructable, it's awesome.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
 You will only need a bic pen and small knife.
mistyp3 years ago
Thanks! I've been looking at putting things in a little kit and didn't want to spend much, and I hadn't thought about this idea. So great!
blodefood5 years ago
If you've played the flute before, you would know that you could play some simple tunes on it by tipping it forward and back.  You could also do this with a pen cap, empty lip balm tube or even a short, fat drinking straw. 

I hadn't thought of using a pen as a whistle in an emergency.  Nice McGyvering, there.
skidodo142 (author)  blodefood5 years ago
 haha thanks
chopstx5 years ago
Cool first ible!

Good pictures and clear instructions. Keep it up!!!!

And, most of all, I will soon build!

skidodo142 (author)  chopstx5 years ago

It is really loud if you haven't noticed.

skidodo142 (author)  chopstx5 years ago
 i sure noticed! me and everyone around me XD. you cant really hearhow loud it is from the video.
Imagine that!!!!!

l8nite5 years ago
so you use it by blowing over teh opening like you do with a bottle? Thats really very cool !
skidodo142 (author)  l8nite5 years ago
 yup, thanks. works pretty much the same was but is really high pitched.