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Introduction: Macintosh SE IPod Stereo

Another retro mod from me, there seems to be a theme here.. Anyway, this one I did last summer but never did get the pics out to the internet. What I've done is gutted a broken Macintosh SE, which I thought would make a pretty cool i Pod stereo (and it's got a handle too!). The biggest challenge I faced here was recreating the shape of the old CRT picture tube for a speaker grille. My solution was to make a plaster mold, then fiberglass that mold. Once I had the shaped fiberglass it was just a matter of drilling MANY holes to let the sound through, while trying to keep it strong. I then wrapped the fiberglass in speaker cloth. Next I had to cut out and mount the i Pod dock, and give the case a snazzy two-tone paint job. Hope you enjoy making your own!



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    Yeah, that peaks my interest. What will you be cramming into yours? I had an idea you could try, a floppy disk remote. Using a slim remote with membrane buttons, you should be able to cram it into a 3 1/2" floppy casing. And be sure to discharge that CRT, that is a world of hurt waiting heh.

    Dude. I'd love to see the floppy remote.

    I have a 5 1/4" floppy on my desk that currently acts as a coaster, not terribly exciting, although a good conversation-starter.
    A 3.5" diskette that acted as a remote for one of those little music-player speaker units would be awesome!

    Yeah, User NachoMahma, used to work as a technician on these Macs when they were current. So he has been helping me along, I am currently awating a really long t15 torx screwdriver to get into mine. I like the idea of the floppy disk remote. I was thinking of having a media card reader in the slot - I could fit an apple remote into the slot if i so wished, maybe some sort of ejection method? (ps - When replying to a specific comment, be sure to use the reply button in the bottom right hand side of that persons comment.)

    when i saw the pick on the search of apple stuff, it was like i saw the most overkill dock ive ever seen. as i read the 'ible i found i was right but none the less one of the most innovative uses for what we call, "the big white target at the end of the shooting range*/ great job

    would be cool if you had a dock with video out.. then integrated a tv in there.. then you could dock the iPod on top.. then you could watch vids off the ipod!

    you could prob. just replace the CRT with a disassembled portable dvd player...

    true, and they do have an A/V input that wont switch over til it detects a signal.. so it could still be used for dvd playback as well. i used an old one i had a few years ago to play my gamecube lol. small screen but worked like a charm. may have to get a bigger screen to fit the Apple II case. they are comparable to 11" screen.


    That would be really cool...

    You have enough pictures here to actually make this into a full sized Instructable! If you were planning to enter the Art of Sound Contest it would be worth the extra time.

    Im currently planning my own Vintage Macintosh 512k Mod, Except I intend to fit alot more into mine. Got any pointers?