Step 9: Create Link to the IPod (3)

How to connect these to the Arduino Mega

OK it had to happen, some circuit diagrams.

This part deals with how the Arduino talks to the iPod via serial connection. Notice how the voltage converter has been used to keep the Arduino side at 5V and the iPod side at 3.3V

Solder it up exactly as shown here. Make sure the voltage converter is not back to front and so on.

Soldering has to be neat here else whole thing will be totally unreliable. I rub the solder holes very slightly with fine emery paper wrapped around a tiny screwdriver first, to make sure the solder takes and flows easily, but that is just my own preference.

*******I SUGGEST USING AN OLDER iPOD for this project as if you make a soldering mistake you could damage your expensive new iPhone for example. I used an ex-demo iPod Touch 2nd generation********
Quick question before I start! :) Could I use an Uno for this? Did you use the Mega for the power or for the available pins?
Used Mega as it has several hard wired serial pins.<br><br>Could probably use an Uno and Softserial
Oh, one more question: The RFID Reader takes kind of a long time to read the bricks. Is this the limit of the Reader itself, or the code? (or on purpose?) If I bought a different, possibly faster, Reader could it read the tags faster? Like this one?<br><br>https://www.adafruit.com/products/364
It is the code. Can set the reader to &quot;look&quot; more frequently for a new card if you want to.
you should have some bricks in the shape of volume bars for volume control.
how is the LCD display connected?
Diagram on page 11. Bottom left corner is the (back) of the LCD display. <br> <br>It is a serial-LCD display which means you only need 4 wires, 5V power, Ground and transmit/receive. <br> <br>John
I tried to download this and it just downloads as at .tmp file than I don't know how to open. Could you be able to post this as the full code or just the example in step 31 that appears to be empty. I have this RFID and all the code I can find doesn't identify the card very descriptively. One example simple puts it out as X and O. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Grissini, <br> <br>Whenever I try to attach an Arduino sketch .pde file to an Instructable there is always a problem. Has always been like that. <br>I have attached it as a text only file now as well. If you can download that, paste it into an empty new arduino sketch, compile and save, it should then work OK. <br> <br>I have improved the code very recently to include a setup mode where it &quot;self learns&quot; which RFID tags go with which position in playlist and stores the data in the EEPROM, i.e. even when the power is off. <br> <br>However, since I cannot edit any of the text in the Instructables editor at the moment apart from the front page, a problem others contributors are also having, that will have to wait until the text editor is back working properly. <br>For now I have attached the original code. <br> <br>My code for reading the RFID was based on examples in the Arduino playground here: <br>http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/PRFID <br> <br>There is a good code example there you can use to just test your reader is working OK before you carry on. Hope this helps. <br> <br>Best wishes <br> <br>John <br>
Thx John. I really appreciate it. It came through great.
Thanks. <br>I thought I would use the knowledge gained from all my other strange projects to actually make something useful in our home!
Killer Idea. Awesome execution. Great write-up. A Fantastic Instructable. Thx.

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