Magic Wand that can turn Electrical Appliances On and Off

Picture of Magic Wand that can turn Electrical Appliances On and Off
Do you know a kid that likes to pretend that they are a wizard or a fairy princess? How would you like to give them a toy wand that can turn on/off electronic devices like magic? You may even be able to teach them a thing or two about electronics in the process.

In this instructable I am going to show you how you can make magnetic switches that can be used to activate a circuit just like a regular momentary switch. 

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Step 1: How it Works

Picture of How it Works
Many electrical devices use momentary switches. They are most commonly used to set a logical HIGH or LOW state that is read by a microprocessor/integrated circuit. When working with momentary switches, you can wire multiple switches in parallel to create an OR gate. This lets any of the switches activate the device just like the original would. A magnetic reed switch can be used in this way so that the circuit can be activated by a magnet as well as the button. When a magnet is brought close to the sensor, two metal contacts inside the reed switch are pulled into contact with each other. This contact acts like a switch and activates the circuit.

Warning: Be aware that some electronics can be damaged by magnets. Keep magnets away from sensitive electronics such as cathode ray rubes (CRT's), magnetic recording devices, etc.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make an auxiliary magnetic switch, you will need the following:

Magic Wand Prop
Magnetic Reed Switch (Normally Open)
Small Strong Magnet (preferably rare earth)

Soldering Iron and Solder

HarryF-181 year ago
You can buy a harry potter wand off noble collection that does the same

yea but thats not as fun as making your own.