Introduction: Magic With Fire!

Matchstick tricks. Booooooooring. Well this one isn't! Just watch.
Oh, a few things:
The only editing to this clip was:
-the forbes logo at the beggining
-the music
-I cut the length down to the bare minimum, but no speeding up or slowing down was used.
-The instructional text
That's it.

Oh and to everyone who voted for this in the competition, I wanna say a BIG thank you! I wouldn't have won otherwise


tazcat2005 (author)2009-11-07

holy crap this magic trick works this thing is frickin insane and actully works

Lowney (author)tazcat20052009-11-22

Yeah it's pretty cool isn't it?

strato96 (author)2009-10-06

OMG!!!! first prive!! congratulations!@!

Lowney (author)strato962009-10-06

And congratulations to you as you have just made:

strato96 (author)Lowney2009-10-07

Seriously!? thats Kool!

EncasedDeath (author)2009-10-01


Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-01

Thank you!

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-10-01

no prob

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-01

Ooooh you have made my 900th comment!

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-10-01

I only have 103 comments :(

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-01

Yeah but you've only been a member for one and a bit months. I joined in February 09

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-10-02

know, lemonie has almost a thousand. :(

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-02

What, really? I thought he would have way more

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-10-02

kiteman has over 20,000

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-02


Hambone22 (author)Lowney2016-04-06


Hiyadudez (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-02

I have seen people with aroud 10,000 comments..I have around 400 now...

EncasedDeath (author)Hiyadudez2009-10-02

yeah i know , i wish i had that many

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-10-31


EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-10-31

because i want more comments and to talk to more people. idk y i just do

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-11-01

 Fair does

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-11-01


Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-11-01

 Fair does: (ie. "Fair enough")

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-11-01

oh ok ive never heard anybody say that. but i guess you dont want a lot of comments.

Lowney (author)EncasedDeath2009-11-01

 I'm not really that bothered about my comments. As it stands I have about 1,300 but hey. Maybe Fair Does isn't really used in the states?

EncasedDeath (author)Lowney2009-11-01

wow i only have about 475 comments.i dont think fair does is used in the states.

Furloy (author)2010-08-09

nice trick! btw what did you win?

Lowney (author)Furloy2010-08-10

First Prize! So that's an instructables T-Shirt, stickers and a Flip Mino HD camcorder!

LEGO SN1P3R[-_-]! (author)2009-11-22

this was awesome i tried it it was cool, did u get my message

Lowney (author)LEGO SN1P3R[-_-]!2009-11-22

I will make you an avatar, but don't be shy to post on my orangeboard lol.

Prodigity (author)2009-11-03

Nice trick =D
Congratulations btw =)

Lowney (author)Prodigity2009-11-03

Thanks! (BTW that NES controller thing is not going too well, but I am still trying!)

ricochet3212 (author)2009-11-03

 Nice dude.

Lowney (author)ricochet32122009-11-03

Thanks! Same to you about your icon!

Fred the Penguin (author)2009-10-08

gratz on winning

Lowney (author)Fred the Penguin2009-10-08

 Thank you!  :)

RMConstruction (author)2009-09-19

Possible winner!

Plus i voted!

Lowney (author)RMConstruction2009-10-01

Thankyou, and I won the camera!

RMConstruction (author)Lowney2009-10-02

Woohoo! (do they post to the uk?)

Lowney (author)RMConstruction2009-10-02

Yes. (Contrary to the official rules...) I got an e-mail from a Forbes reporter and Fungus (admin) saying that I will recieve postage details soon, when they've fixed the (currently broken ]-:<) prize claiming system

Lowney (author)RMConstruction2009-09-19


Lowney (author)RMConstruction2009-09-22


Lowney (author)RMConstruction2009-09-19

At one point it was rank 2 then it was 3 for 6 days then it was rank 5 yesterday. Today it's rank 4!

geekazoid (author)2009-10-01


Lowney (author)geekazoid2009-10-01

Thanks :)

DJ Radio (author)2009-09-25

OMG you might just win!

Lowney (author)DJ Radio2009-10-01


DJ Radio (author)Lowney2009-10-01

You won a prize?

Lowney (author)DJ Radio2009-10-01

1st prize

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