This is a (Harry Potteresque) wand that can cast 4 different colored spells. I chose red (Stupify ), white (Lumos ), blue(Expecto Patronum ), and green (Avada Kedavra ).
Each spell is commanded by a tact switch at the base of the wand. The wand can be customized to your style and spells.

Step 1: Materials


electrical tape
1 wide wooden dowel rod
1 CR2032 battery
1 CR2032 battery holder/clip
1 toilet tuber
1 green LED, 3-2.3VDC (The lower VDC creates a more intense glow), 5mm
1 red LED, 3-2.3VDC, 5mm
1 blue LED, 3-2.3VDC, 5mm
1 white LED, 3-2.3VDC, 5mm
4 Tact switches, 5mm
This torch would save time and money and all you need to do is the decorating <br>http://www.thelivingstore.co.uk/Item/rolson-flexible-led-torch-60736?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-_HDBRD2lomhoufc1JkBEiQA0TVMmnWQLBae8DKPHWC2ZMtYFkllanVcSe1utlWY5FCMXBEaAoYz8P8HAQ<br>
<p>A great idea.</p><p>A bit hard, though.</p>
where can i buy the switches from
ebay or amazon
Radio Shack.
do they have a radio shock in england
You can find tact switches at<br>http://www.e-switch.com/entity/tabid/95/entityname/category/categoryid/1/sename/tact/default.aspx<br><br>
any particular type of tact switch<br>
do you know how to make a laser pointr
I don't get where you stowed this battery holder on the wand. It seems a little large for the size of dowl that you used.
When doing on circuit like this you could use RGB LEDs!
The colors I used were red, blue, green, and white.<br>I only took pictures of the red LED because it had the highest quality. The others were kind of cheap =P
Red, Green Blue = RGB!<br><br>Red + Blue + Green = White<br><br>This is of course, all at maximum brightness
Just made this in like 1 hour. It's really cool and I may make some more for my friends when we go to Deathly Hallows Part 2. btw, If you don't have dowel or a toilet tuber then you can just roll up some cardboard. It may not be as sturdy but it works.
Awesome.<br>Wasn't the movie great?
This is so awesome :D I'm gonna make one for the 15
Definitely! It only took an afternoon, and it'll be great for movie theater battles =).
One afternoon really? I may be making a lot more then

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