Picture of Magnetic Sunglasses Holder
I'm blind as a bat. When I got my last pair of glasses I opted for the version that has the sunglasses attachment that mounts magnetically. Over my time of wearing them there have been times when I 've needed to take them off, but not had time to put them away (e.g. driving into a parking garage). I would either put them in my lap or the cup holder. Not only did this risk scratching them, but invariably they go flying if I have to break hard. I decided to take advantage of the magnet already in them to solve this problem.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
*A rod or other suitably shaped piece of ferrous material
*Super Glue
*Isopropyl alcohol
*A car
*A cotton ball

*Dremel w/ cut off wheel (or other implemtns of metal cutting and shaping)
*Bench vise or other way to hold your work piece.

Step 2: Choose and Cut Your Metal

Picture of Choose and Cut Your Metal
I chose this particular rod as it had a flat area on the end that would allow the magnet in my sunglasses to make the most contact with it. (It also has a threaed hole in it that will be handy later.) If your metal doesn't have a convienent flat area I'm sure you can make one. I believe it can be done by applying the techniques I describe for cleaning up the rough end in step three to the face of the work piece.

I then used my dremel to cut most of the way through the rod about 3/4 of an inch from the tip. I cut from both sides leaving a thin piece of metal connecting the end to the rest of the rod. Then I used a pair of pliers to break the end off the rod. (I've found that if I cut all the way through the rod the piece I want goes flying across the room. You then spend more time looking for the piece than it actually takes to do the project. Or you're trying to call 911 with a piece of metal in your eye.)
Sgt.Waffles8 years ago
Nice! You might even want to glue one to the visor.
RadBear (author)  Sgt.Waffles8 years ago
Damn! Why didn't I think if that? That would've been a much better location.