Picture of Magnetic Sunglasses Holder
I'm blind as a bat. When I got my last pair of glasses I opted for the version that has the sunglasses attachment that mounts magnetically. Over my time of wearing them there have been times when I 've needed to take them off, but not had time to put them away (e.g. driving into a parking garage). I would either put them in my lap or the cup holder. Not only did this risk scratching them, but invariably they go flying if I have to break hard. I decided to take advantage of the magnet already in them to solve this problem.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
*A rod or other suitably shaped piece of ferrous material
*Super Glue
*Isopropyl alcohol
*A car
*A cotton ball

*Dremel w/ cut off wheel (or other implemtns of metal cutting and shaping)
*Bench vise or other way to hold your work piece.
maniacse9 days ago

This looks definitely better then mine. I used magnet deliverd with Sugru, placed it on top of my dash board (fixed with Sugru, of course), and thats it.

Sgt.Waffles8 years ago
Nice! You might even want to glue one to the visor.
RadBear (author)  Sgt.Waffles8 years ago
Damn! Why didn't I think if that? That would've been a much better location.