I used cardboard to make this art piece. Look at the pictures and view the image notes to see how it was constructed.

Step 1: First, Sketch the Beast!

I made a rough drawing of what I wanted my dragon to look like. From here, a trial piece was made, mainly with construction paper.
This is really awesome. Great job and things for the tute.<br>My kids are gonna love this.
I so love this!!! I want one, but I don't have the time to make one...blah...but I still love it!
Wow... your art-sense is good.<br /> <br /> But I have a question, how did you cut the cardboard very detail? I mean, maybe you have some special techniques or tips about how to cut the cardboard more detail and tidy.
Please refer to step 5 above.&nbsp; For further details re: cutting cardboard, see my instructable: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make_Signs_out_of_Cardboard/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Make_Signs_out_of_Cardboard/</a>. Thanks for your interest. Cman<br />
could u put step, by, step instructions on what to cut out? like what u did for ur Red Dragon? plz &amp; thank u <sup>.</sup><br/>
Thank you for your interest: just follow the instructions for the Red Dragon, and change colors! good luck. Cman
that is really good!
Thank you. Cman
It's a beautiful piece. The workmanship and photography are admirable. I would like to duplicate your piece. However it seems to me that you made only one and took pictures of it after you completed it. I would like to see a true step-by-step with templates so that I or another person can duplicate it. Are you game? I curious, how did you make the large and small scale patterns?
Please see new instructable: The Red Dragon Instructable... Updates all steps. Cman
It's impressive, but couldn't you have made some sort of templates for others to follow? Or same-magnifaction photos of the pieces?
Please see new instructable: The Red Dragon Instructable... Updates all steps. Cman
This is amazing excellent work
Thank you! Cman
Can you add links to the other instructables you've posted as recommendations?
The linking function does not work on my computer. Cman
Awesome! Reminds me of one in the 1st ed AD&D books.
Thanks. Cman

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Bio: Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do.
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