This is a simple thing you can do with a set of solar path lights to turn them into portable lanterns.

You will need :
- A set of solar path lights
- Some small Chinese lanterns
- Some small gauge wire (stranded, not solid)
- Your Brain

Step 1: Gut Your Light

Break open you box of path lights and get out the good parts. These are the bits with the batteries and the solar panel. The model I got was fairly easy to pull apart, a screwdriver behind the plate popped the top off.

With a set of cutters, make 2 small notches in the opening where the solar panel lives.

Solar powered lantern? Sounds like a Polish joke... Cool instructable though, would be neat for an outdoor party. ~Ryan
Does this polish joke go something like Finnish one? In that joke some goofy villagers try to gather sunlight inside thick bags and this way light up a house with no windows:)
but same day rainy sesion there wht will be do ?<br>
its nice project i will be make this lentern .. how much WP solar sell.
How do I get the brain? links please
Thanks for this instructable! I just came back from SF Chinatown with six smallish red lanterns (2 for 3 bucks) not quite sure how I'd light them. This inspires me! I'll use a mini-solar light from Target. :-)
I like this one. Very good idea. I just might make something like this for the summer music festival where I usually goes camping.
lol polish joke nice one

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