Make Cheap and Cheerful paper flowers in 30 minutes to celebrate Cinquo de Mayo!

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Maybe you don't think you can make paper flowers! Well you can! With this method and a few cheap supplies you can make some very cheerful looking flowers very easily. You can make at least 15 of these flowers at a cost of well under $10, - if you check out the bargains at your local dollar store!

Step 1: Check your supplies.

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You will need
Tissue paper ($1 for a 30-sheet pack)
2 or 3 packs of florist wire (pre-cut) ($1 a pack of 9)
scotch tape ($1 for a double roll pack)
scissors ($1 - because you don't won't to mess up your "good scissors" by cutting paper!
you could put it in the vace..... but then it would be Cinco De Mayo flowers on steroids lol :)
Patrik7 years ago
Very timely! :-) Not sure how useful it is to recycle those tissue paper scraps, considering the fairy extreme color vs paper ratio. You definitely wouldn't want to mix it in with that nice white office paper... Might make for some very colorful confetti though, if you own a shredder. You could probably also make some beautiful hand-dipped paper with this stuff - what better way than to recycle the paper yourself, and at least then the colors may be an asset...
stinkymum (author)  Patrik7 years ago
Hopefully there was enough "hands on" illustrations in this one, as I made it especially for this flower contest taking photos all the way!
Sure. There really isn't all that much more that you can illustrate with these guys.

Note that you could also do two-colored flowers, by wrapping one color around another (ooh - hard! ;-)
stinkymum (author)  Patrik7 years ago
I like to do black and pink that way, but they didn't have those colours at the dollar store!
I would cut the left over tissue paper in very little pieces and throw a party to use it as confetti!!!! LOL.
mimi190007 years ago
How exactly do you define the inner corner????
stinkymum (author)  mimi190007 years ago
When you fold the paper, it's the corner of your square that has no outer edges of the paper anywhere near it. All the other corners are adjacent to the edges of the paper!
Thanks for the help~~~ I love,love, love these flowers!!!Off to beautify my world........
this is actuly very cool!!!!!
You always make awesome stuff. Keep up the great work! +1 rating. +1 vote.