I'll show you a quick and easy way to make large-scale drawings by making one minor, but very important, modification to your vinyl cutter that will change it into an extremely rapid sketching tool. From: posters to leather templates; outlines for pillows to anything you could imagine!  ANYTHING that requires a large quick outline to begin a project. Your vinyl cutter turns into an indispensable tool for all your drawing needs!!! Best of all, I made it at TechShop!!!


Step 1: Find an Image That You Want to Draw, and Import to the Vinyl Cutter Software.

Find the image that you would like to convert into a large-scale drawing. It can be anything: a boot, hat, belt, cat, dog, bird, tree, sun, car, etc, etc, and etc. The format can be jpeg, bmp, or png (there's also other options, but these work best).

Then convert it into an Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) file. You can use drawing editors like: Inkscape, CorelDraw, or Adobe Illustrator. I used Inkscape since it was free, and very user-friendly. (More in another Instructable on this topic.)

Open your Vinyl Cutting Software, such as FlexiSTARTER, import your ".eps" file, and adjust the dimensions to the size of paper that you have.

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