If you want to start your plants indoors weeks before you can put them into the ground, soil blocks is the way to go. They have many advantages, but the main one is that soil blocks GREATLY reduce transplant shock, leaving you with more survivors in your garden. They won't create root balls like starter pots or trays, they don't limit roots in the soil like peat or paper pots, and they don't destroy roots like flats.

Making soil blocks requires a soil block maker, or blocker. The blocker compacts soil into plugs that come with a preformed depression for placing your seeds. Getting your plants off to a good start has never been easier!

More info: http://VelaCreations.com/soilblocks.html

More Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/velacreations/sets/72157623487087642/

Step 1: Materials

Smooth can, either metal or plastic, with lid 2” - 4” in diameter
3/8” eye bolt, 6-8 inches long
2 or 3 3/8” nuts for eye bolt
2 washers for eye bolt
Several large trays (I like to use plastic bakery containers)

1/8” and 3/8” Drill bit
2 wrenches
<p>you can also use old egg cartons or egg containers, they are already in that shape.. and with the cover act like a mini greenhouse just like your system. and if you don't get any sunlight in your apartment try checking out <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Life-Seeder-make-an-indoor-seed-starter/" rel="nofollow">the life seeder</a> .!</p>
<p>Seed plugs can be lifted and transplanted.. In the case of egg cartons, you can't do that!</p>
great idea&hellip;
<p>yes ! I love it . simple and useful !</p>
Great easy seed starting setup for gardeners as well as a parent child project. Only thing I would change is if available use a cupcake container so the roots don't intertwine if you accidentally plant too early.
Seems like a great idea! I have started some seeds but will try this for my next batch.
nice! <br>I like the idea a lot<br><br>Gonna try it! :D

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