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camisetas1 year ago

Curious your work here!!!

I truly am grateful to see those in this country who are living more Self Sufficient. I saw alot of this type of living in the state of Maine (the Way Life should be). Maine showed me not only the importance of Nutrition and Health, but also what you all have done in living off the grid! Have you ever looked into using a system of electricity that is rigged to a Bicycle to generate the Electric? I saw it out in Arizona once. Also in Arizona there was an Architect (somewhat famous for his sustainable homes made out of Tires,etc) who did some incredible home structures fully made from tires, earth, etc. God Bless you all! Here is some really Good News I pray you have already been told and Believe: Jesus Christ (our Creator and Sustainer) Died for our Sins at the Cross of Calvary, was Buried and Rose again the Third Day! Simply Believe this Good News and Enjoy the possession of Eternal LIfe with Jesus Christ! Those who Do Not Believe this Good News will spend all Eternity in the Lake of Fire!

Hi my name is Ricardo and I'm from Portugal.
I developing a school project where I'm trying to make a wind generator but e just need one pdf file here is the reference: Chispito Wind Generator.
Its possible only pay for this document? It's a school project and we don´t have much money to spend, but we have PayPal so my question is can we pay just for this pdf file?
alxram8 years ago
Hi Vela,

I added your instructable to our group. I hope you don't mind, you're welcome to join!
DAGGAR10 years ago
I am very new to this sort of stuff, i just purchased a piece of land and i have put an RV on it for the moment, my plan is to put a 4 season house/cottage on it, how much power do i need to have this cottage working and any instructions on how to build.