In this project I will show you how to combine a SIM5320 3G module with an Arduino and a piezoelectric transducer as a shock sensor in order to create a security tracking system that will send you the location of your precious vehicle via SMS when it is moved around without you knowing it. Let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you a decent overview on how to create the security tracking system. In the next steps though, I will present you some additional information.

<p>Very nice! This is what alot of peeps would like for their bicycles<br> too. I'm envisioning something like this, but smaller and hidden in a <br>carbon part. Be it a seat post, handlebar, or a stem. If you had <br>wireless charging, then you really be happening!</p><p>Thanks for your post and I wish you the best.</p>
<p>Wow! I am deeply impressed. High quality, short but perfect description. Just one suggestion, to avoid false alarm, in case of strong wind, storm etc. So, you will have the first shakes on the parking place. Just imagine a second shake after 30 minutes on the same place because of a strong storm. It would be maybe a good idea to compare the last location with the location before the last one. When both have the same data, it would be a good idea to stop the device sending the message, translating the result as &quot;false alarm&quot;.</p>
<p>Great project</p><p>How it is possible to download the schematic without being a &quot;premium&quot; member? </p><p>Also would it be possible to have 12v version? As I plan to use this in a Car.</p>
Well done!
<p>I am in awe.</p>
<p>Would be nice to see a PCB with an GSM/GPS module and an ATMega chip.</p>
wow, subscribed :) I always wanted to do a this set up in my car using an arduino mega .. + SMS shield + god module.<br>unfortunately they never worked ;( <br>thanks for sharing ;) <br>
<p>Suggestion: Add some coverage of what happens after the build, e.g. what it takes to activate the sensor and what the received text message looks like. </p>
<p>can sim 808 gsm mdule be use in this project</p>
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