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where do u study?

Sergeenator1 month ago

Scott can you make a colour organ using just an arduino uno?

Yonatan241 month ago

Hi Scott,

I've seen people request videos for you videos on your YouTube channel, And I have one too:

"Electronics Basics: Transformer Power Supplies vs. Switched Power Supplies"

It would be awesome if you make it!

GreatScottLab (author)  Yonatan241 month ago

I put it on my to do list.

Awesome! Thanks!

"Electronics Basics: Brushed vs. Brushless Motors" Would be awesome too

You have the best electronics tutorials on Earth, Seriously!

tomf262 months ago

thank you for your tutorials , what do you use to create board layouts

Big Projects3 months ago

I literally just subbed u on youtube. Then i go on instructibles and WHAT do I see?! I see your channle ... and that made me really happy so i started following you.

best move you have made this is a great place to get going

GreatScottLab (author)  Big Projects3 months ago

Awesome ;-) Thanks

what digital scope would you recommend as entry level ? and what sort of price? thanks

GreatScottLab (author)  mouseybrown3 months ago

Rigol DS1054Z

Thanks ! keep up the good work I really like the format have you played with laser light effects I'm bored of lighting matches now I wanna write things on walls ?

Beuffy3 months ago

I'm trying to get into electroncs and I don't know where to start; do you have any tips for a beginner?

keep on watching Great Scott! helped me build a light dimmer using my sky remote

Great anwer XD. I'm building a drill atm.