Introduction: Make Your Own Plastic!

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I am going to show you how to make your own plastic in this instructable.
You will need: Milk,Water,White Vinegar,Bowl,Egg Beater,Spoon,Knife(Optional),Baking tin,
The long milk molecules will overlap along with the diluted vinegar. Then, a rubbery substance will be created. Later, the rubbery substance will harden into plastic.

Step 1: Mixing and Heating

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Mix all your ingredients together, then heat the milk up till it is hot. (Not boiling or frothing though!)Make sure to mix the vinegar and the water, then mix the milk along with it.

Step 2: Beating the Milk

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Use the egg beater to mix the milk till it gets rubbery, then pour the rubbery substance onto a baking tin. Slice the shapes you like, and in a few days....hard plastic!


arino (author)2013-12-31

ok !!!!!!

Amazing Soldering Iron (author)2012-12-27

Hu - well im definently not the best drawer!

amandaghassaei (author)2012-11-26

do you have pics of the final product?

tbh-1138 (author)amandaghassaei2012-12-19

Who needs photos when you have terrible MS Paint drawings?

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