Make Your IPod Touch's Screen Look As NEW!!





Introduction: Make Your IPod Touch's Screen Look As NEW!!

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This May Sound stupid , but this is a secret of apple stores and Best buy stores ,That actually Works!

And Christmas is Coming The Lucky People That Have One (or Those That Are GOing TO Receive One ) Know how to properly clean it's screen.

Remember that iPhone And iPod Touch's Screen Are Made of a Glass-like material , so , the solution for cleaning those bad-looking grease spots and fingerprints is (drums please ... xp)

Use glass cleaner!!

simple as that!!

This technique is purely optional , it does need to be done , but once every two or three weeks or maybe months , after all your devices are yours

BONUS: The Pictures Have SUPER_SIZED pictures feel free to view them zoomed or Full-screen

Step 1: Finda Stuff

Gather Your Materials :
Some Drops of your favorite glass cleaner (remeber Use the ammonia free variety , since amonia can ruin the protective coating of Pda's And regular iPods

Gather your tools
The cloth included with your iPod touch (iPhone?)
A Cotton cloth , You may recycle something
OPTIONAL:if Your device uses a case you may want to use a screwdriver or your nails to remove it

Step 2: OPTIONAL Remove IPod Touch/iPhone's Cover

I use to protect my Touch with a hard plastic case , which really protects it of dust and scratches , anyway some people like to have they're iP(hone)ods "Naked" xp

Step 3: Remove Dust Using ICloth

Wipe The Screen Using The iCloth , Just remove big dust particles .

(as usual it will not clean it nicely , that's the reason of this how-to)

Step 4: The Magic ..

Add A Few drops of window cleaner to the screen , clean the screen with circular motion ,and the from side to side ( let's do the mario all togehther now!!1 XD , just kidding), Now is as shiny as New , Cool Isn't it ?

Step 5: OPTIONAL Clean Case

In order to keep the iPod clean for a decent amount of time , clean the cover too (if you use one )
using the same method , clean both inner and outer Parts

Step 6: Put Again the Case , Enjoy Our Hard Job , Thanks a Lot

Replace The Top Part Of Case , And Enjoy Your Hard Job , Show To your friends Your (jailbroken?) iPod touch .

Thanks For Reading! Hope This Was Useful!

Oh , And reward yourself with a Burrito , Tasty!



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    In fear that I might get a bit of the solution in the iPod, I'd spray the cloth then wipe down the iPod Touch. Cheers, badace

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    that was stupied im 13 and i no better than that

    If you were 13 you would know how to spell properly

    Place it in a large ZipLoc bag full of rice for 24 hrs. That should pull out the moisture in the ipod. Good Luck.

    Step-By-Step Guide to free up storage space and make your iPhone fast:

    You download iphone cleaner macgo in your computer (it has mac version and pc version).

    Second,start the cleaner Connect your iPhone to Mac and open this cleaner, just two simple clicks and you can start the clean now.

    Then, deselect the files that you wanna keep and click on Clean your iPhone button to start cleaning.

     haha i like the burrito finish .. 

    burrito lol

    Of course it was!

    Not much , but inspirational since you may have to use one more time my Instructable, specially if your greasy fingers are getting dirty the screen of your device again

    Lol, it is inspirational!

    thanks. this wasnt that useful, but i never thought of using it 8-)

    i LOVE how you like to take care of your Ipod!! everybody i know treat theirs like crap.

    esse ipod esta em portugues!!! vc é brasileiro? this stuff is in poruguese. are you brasiian? asuahsuahsuhasuhaus

    3 replies

    Didibemi. If you look closer, you'll see that "Reloj" is actually Spanish - it's "Relógio" in Portuguese. Best Regards Dudaott

    Reloj is clock in spanish. Pronounced Re-Lock

    actually it's more like "rhe-loh"