Picture of Grow Your Own Bean Plant
Here I will show you how to make a simple bean plant.

You'll Need:

- Beans (I used Red Beans)
- A glass or plastic jar (like a jamming jar)
- Paper towels
- Cling wrap
- Water
- A needle to puncture the cling wrap

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
First, wet the paper towel and put it in the bottom of the jar, then drop the beans into the jar and wet a second paper towel and put it on top the beans in the jar.
Do you need to water this plant
keno10106 years ago
How long did your beans take to grow?
Emsaid (author)  keno10106 years ago
they took about a week to grow about 8 in., but only a couple of days to sprout
I think the Earth has enough carbon Dioxide in the air. Dont make more by talking....
Emsaid (author)  twilightgirl19016 years ago
But when your plant is in a small jar not much carbon dioxide can get in to it so when you breathe on it (of the exhaled air about 4% is carbon dioxide) the gases collect and stay in the jar. Try an experiment, Talk a lot to a plant and don't talk to another and see which grows faster, taller, and stronger.
I would change your title to "Grow a Bean Plant" Make just sounds like we're trying to play god.
Emsaid (author)  Weissensteinburg6 years ago
lol guess i should