Tired of the same old boring light nights? Looking for something to spruce up the night? Make yourself a custom night light! 

Things you will need:

A TechShop Membership
1/8 piece of wood (your choice)
1/8 piece of white acrylic
A LED night light.
Super Glue
Sand paper
Wood finsh

Step 1: Prepare Your Files for the Laser Cutter.

The first thing that you want to do is figure out what you want your night light to look like! The one that I have pictured here I decided to do the state of Michigan. There are two shapes that you will need. The cut out shape ( michigan ) and the outlining shape (the square around michigan) These shapes should be vector with the stroke of .003, this is to tell the laser cutter that you want to cut through the material. 

Having just been through the TechShop course, I'm spotting one no-no in your illustration:<br><br>You want to have a piece of sacrificial material under the wood you're cutting through, otherwise you're hitting the support screen with the laser, which they tell you is a Bad Thing... (Almost as evil as using AutoFocus.)<br><br>(Yes, I get from the pic that you've already cut the pieces and just put them back for illustration, and it's a better picture that way -- just thought it deserved a mention... ;-)
Thanks for including the UP in your Michigan. You'd be surprised how many people don't extend the courtesy :)

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